Strangest problem you'll ever read - Switching on computer causes TV channels to stop working


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I'm not even sure which would be the correct forum to post this issue but here goes nothing.

My computer (PSU Corsair 450W), Monitor (Dell 2240), WiFi Router (MTNL), TV (Samsung 32" LED) and Set Top Box (Den cable) are connected to the same switch board. It has four plug points; the computer, monitor and router get a point each while the TV and set top box are connected to a spike guard which connects to the last plug point.

The problem is very simple - when I switch on the computer, certain channels such as Sony Six stop working and I get an error, Signal not found. As soon as I switch off the computer, the channel starts working. There are a bunch of channels that face the same problem. I think this problem has started after the heavy rains in the past fortnight or so in Mumbai but I can't be certain, prior to Euro, I hardly ever watched Sony Six.

I approached the local electrician and even he's at a loss to explain the cause of this issue. He hasn't visited my house yet so hasn't done any checking on the voltage etc.

Another thing is in the last month or so, two of the points where the TV was connected to the spike guard have burned off.

I'd be really glad if someone could resolve this or at least, point in the direction I should be looking at.


PS: It is not an HD set top box
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