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  1. A

    switch from dist tv to videocon

    i want to say bye to dish tv anfd switch to videocon HD,how can i do it. i still have abt Rs 2999.00 in my dish tv acct-when i spoke to dish v they say u can only transfer the amt to another dish tv provided both are same name connections-how should i do this.is videocon better in HD than dish...
  2. C

    Bsnl 3g network issue

    Frnds I have a Bsnl 3g sim. The problem with it is that I am not to make any calls on the 3g network. I have to switch everytime to 2G network to make calls. Although I am able to make calls but it is annoying everytime to switch to 2G network. Could anyone tell whats the problem and how to fix it?
  3. srkmish

    Sansa E250 Mp3 player review

    Ok, this model is long outdated but i had to review this as i love all tech and i love sharing my experiences with tech. So i dropped my sansa clip plus sometime earlier and the on/off switch got recessed and there is no way to turn it on physically now ( This is a common problem with the...
  4. sygeek

    What's the difference between reliance broadband and other ISPs? Is it worth it to switch from BSNL?

    I've heard that reliance broadband is a little different in comparison to other ISPs. Do you get a shared connection or something? Their tariffs are amazing, 2Mbps unlimited at 799 is crazy good. Is there any catch to it? I've been wanting to switch to it from BSNL because of the speed and...
  5. M

    S3 Battery Issues

    Hi guys I own six month old S3,of late whenever i charge it it does show the battery is charging but it doesnot charge actually;then I unplug my mobile in switch on and replug it and then it charges.Please let me know what could be the reason for this. Regards, Mandar.
  6. M

    HP GN2 laptop un able to switch on

    dear all, today morning,when tried to switch on my lap top,the latop is not getting switched on. only caps stock led light and wlan orange light is there inpite of many attempts. smalls steps like pressing the start switch for 30 secs after removing the battery and ac cords etc has not...
  7. D

    Scissor switch keyboard under 2500?

    Hello, I'm looking for a scissor switch keyboard and mouse combo that's available online through flipkart or amazon.in or other good sites. I need advice which is the best for the price range, mainly want a soft to the touch fluid keyboard which uses scissor switch keys, I'm not necessarily...
  8. ghantaukay

    ipad2 battery drains out

    I hope someone will be able to help me out on this one. My ipad2 has been my constant companion since New Year 2013 and I love it and will not be able to live without it. But of late I am having a slight problem. I have a Logitech ultrathin keyboard which can be used to switch off the ipad when...
  9. Charley

    Alternative For BSNL Dataone Modem UT300R2U

    I'm using the white modem [ UT300R2U ], supplied by BSNL. The power off & on switch is not working, so I attached a tape around the modem to keep the switch always ON. Is there any other modem I can use ? BSNL told me it's Rs.1000 for another modem, this modem is cheap quality. I had 1 modem...
  10. R

    need to set up a large network, need help

    okay, so the scenario is something like this... my dad owns a hospital and wants me to fix a severe networking problem as he can't find any professional who can do it for him. the current setup is some thing like this: - there are three floors, the bottom two have a lot of walls and computers...
  11. Limitless

    Problems with APC Ups!

    Hi guys, I got APC 1.1 Kva at 5.4k but when I connect from main switch board the power only comes from surge protector points no power from battery backup point when I try to switch on my UPS nothing happens no led turn on nothing happen at all.. :( Can you help me how to install this UPS...
  12. blackedition91

    Altec Lansing VS2621 - Need help in replacing fuse

    Hey guys, I have a 2 year old Altec Lansing VS2621. It was working fine till yesterday. Before going to bed, I turned off the power supply at the switch board, but did not turn off the switch on the sub woofer. I turned on my PC today afternoon. Everything except the speakers was working fine...
  13. Extreme Gamer

    Setting up a business LAN and security camera grid, need advice

    Guys, my dad has gotten a new office for his business. I'm setting up a hybrid LAN consisting of 4 wired PCs, ~10 security cameras and a few wireless devices (laptops, cellphones). The network cabling is Category 6. I need suggestions on a good router to bring the network together. I'm thinking...
  14. B

    Laptop Prob

    guys i am having a prob wid my lappy- when i switch to discrete mode it freezes again and again, when i switch to switchable mode windows 7 freezes and sometime restarts on its own. The lappy's giving some noise too plz help
  15. josin

    Happy news for BSNL broadband users....Now switch you plan online

    yes you can switch your plan online...For changing your plan first go here to see which is the best plan for you fill in the details, and select change plan option...:-D
  16. R

    networking crashing again and again help!!!!

    i have 4 floors in my house. i have a broadband connection on ground floor connected to a dlink modem router. untill a few days ago there were two more routers (belkin and another belkin(one switch is connected to belkin which is going to 5 other pc's) were connected to this dlink via ethernet...
  17. H

    Samsung GT C 3222

    my c3222 has many problems. --> java error when large file. --> error occur downloaded .jar are invalid. --> automatic switch off. --> internet is not start in pcwhen i attach the phone to pc. please help me.
  18. josin

    are there any universal Bluetooth front-end software ?

    i just want to know that are there any universal Bluetooth front-end software ? my objective is to turn off my Bluetooth device in my lap. Thre is no way to switch off Bluetooth alone in my lap, of course i can switch off all radio (including wifi) but i need the wifi on all the times.
  19. A

    How to make motion detector light / switch

    I want to light up my stairs with a motion detector light or switch to start the lights when somebody walks up or down. Any guide or tutorial available out there that could help me with it ? like this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZVizaSaaK8 helps are appreciated, regards
  20. R

    PC display problems

    Hi frnds,my rig is: i5 3570k Gigabyte ga-b75m-d3h 2gb ddr3 @1333 Seasonic s12ii 620w Sapphire 7970 Seagate barracuda 160gb @7200 Samsung syncmaster 19 inch I upgraded some of the components of my system this month like the cpu,mobo,ram,psu and gpu.The rest is gonna be upgraded in coming days...
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