Kill Switch has reduced smartphone theft


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Smartphones, particularly iPhones, are no longer the favourites of discerning lifters, recent data shows. The reason: the “kill switch” is proving the killjoy for the thieves.

Apple added a kill switch, called Activation Lock, to its iPhone in September 2013. Samsung followed in April 2014 with its Galaxy S5 and Google made it a standard feature of Android with the release of Lollipop.

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Basically it has reduced iphone theft. People stole Iphone for selling where as if they stole android it will be mostly be kept with the theif.


Is it a physical key? or something remote accessed feature?
nexus 5 have this "physical key"?


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I think its hardware based instead of software done by Apple
otherwise thieves could wipe out all from firmware flashing :mrgreen:
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