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Is the network configuration O.K.???


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Friends waiting for your suggestions and advice.

I am sorry to [MENTION=126812]whitestar_999[/MENTION], as inspite of his advise to go in for a 300MBps modem+router, I purchased the 150MBps TP-Link TD-W8951ND adsl2+ modem+ router+wifi.
I have replaced the 5dBi antenna(factory set) with the 10dBi antenna on this modem+router.

Problem is after 1 or 2 days whenever I switch on this modem+router,the adsl light does not blink at all,and I have to switch off the modem switch and switch on(after some min. of waiting),when the adsl light blinks and internet light blinks after which network is connected and established.
But sometimes I had to factory reset the modem and go back to square one once again,and configure for network connection or network establishment.
Below are some of the screenshots for you Friends to study.
I am particularly wanting expert comment/advise from [MENTION=126812]whitestar_999[/MENTION]




This one puts a question in my mind.
What is meant by static under LAN settings?
Why there is a period of expiry after 2 days? What it means???



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your money,your choice :)

under status tab see device info/something similar & confirm both snr values are above 15,both attn values are below 50 & crc errors are zero.

every connected device gets ip address on a temporary basis using "lease duration" after which the device will get a different ip address.this is not an issue for home networks.also you can permanently assign an ip address to a particular device by using static option & mac address of that device.


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^snr margin upstream is always within 5 valuation.
Rest all the other values as suggested by you is upto the mark.
The lower portion first screen shot picture says it all friend, [MENTION=126812]whitestar_999[/MENTION]
But how do I assign a static address?
In fact is that helpful in the long run for network connectivity and stability?


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i think one of the 2 copper wires inside the telephone line has some carbon or rust deposited at some joint or connector.check all joints & connectors(including modem rj11/phone line port) inside your house to confirm it.
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