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  1. T

    yahoo messenger

    hi there, I have a very frustrating issue with yahoo! messenger.I am WinXP user.I used to have msger on the startup list and each time i start the pc it throws this error "Yahoo! Messenger has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." and never...
  2. piyush gupta

    MSN Messanger Startup

    I hve a problem related to MSN Mesanger. Actually i have deleted MSN 's startup entry from [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] registry key but when i restart my computer again MSN messanger got started & there is a new entry of msn messanger present in...
  3. V

    WinXP startup Problem

    Hi, I ve installed winxp in PC and i m facing a problem that whenever pc starts startup option automatically comes without pressing F8...is there any option that it can be removed.. :) vishnu
  4. S

    vitual dub 1.6 problem

    hey guys i have virtual dub 1.4 which works fine but when i installed vd1.6 it crashes on startup while the v1.4 works fine can any body help
  5. C

    shutdown auto ??

    hi this has happened 2wice today and my rapidshare downloads got sc***ed .. my comp just out of the blue shutsdown and then restarts .... it goes thru the proper shutdown process ... and i dont even get a msg when i log on again ... Also, sometimes when i startup, the windows...
  6. N

    No Logon or Logoff sound,

    Hi, I reinstalled Win Xp pro with SP2. I also updated my system with Autopatcher XP, after restarting the machine I am unable to hear the Startup or Logoff sound please help. I have even configured through sound options in the control Panel.
  7. A

    iTunes and Quicktime Problem PLS HELP

    I have a problem with itunes 6. neither quicktime(that came along) open on doubleclicking. i went to apple.com and saw the troubleshoot thing. the solution given worked but i had to reset the settings everytime. this was on the site: 1. On the Start menu, click Run. A Run window (command...
  8. rajeshgovindan2005

    DVD with many OS and still booting...?

    How to make a DVD which contains many OS eg.Windows 98,Windows 2000,Windows XP......and still boots at startup.....?
  9. g_goyal2000

    For people having Quake4 startup crashes

    This is for people whose Quake4 (full/demo game) crashes while loading at startup. 1. U need the minimum required configuration. 2. Update u'r system, graphics, soundcard drivers, firmware/BIOS. 3. Install latest Windows service packs, updates, patches. 4. Install Quake4 1.04 patch from...
  10. J

    Err msg: Task manager disabled by administrator

    I recently removed some programs from my startup list using msconfig. After that the next time my computer booted up it doesnt disaplay the task manager. I get the error msg "Task manager disabled by administrator" . I dont remember which all programs were removed from startup. Any...
  11. coolendra

    How to change startup sound !!!!!!!!!

    Mods may merge the thread coz coudnt locate 1 guys i am bored of the same old startup sound in Win XP can any1 suggest any procedure to change the startup sound of win xp pro ............ i have many wav files whc i want to insert ............. plz hlp !!!!!!!!
  12. Apollo

    DOS on Startup

    Hi, got a question... Want to make my PC start in the DOS mode, during bootup, and not allow the Windows OS to load. (Getting a similar interface as we get on doing Run > command from the 'Run' option from the Start button) Don't want to use any windows startup disk in order to do this...
  13. Vishal Gupta

    HOW WindowBlinds 5 Starts Automatically at each startup!

    Guys! I hv a doublt about WindowBlinds 5. It automatically starts when we start windows but: 1.) I didnt find ne startup entry for WindowBlinds in Registry (like RUN or RUNONCE) 2.) Didnt find ne service for it in Service Manager. 3.) Neither there was ne service running in Task...
  14. Maverick340

    Ms Anti Spyware

    Whenever i start my PC ,Antisypware keeps popping up these notifiacation about change in startup and custome startup programs..How can i disable these notifiactions??
  15. nil_3

    selective startup inWin 2000Proff

    By the command MSCONFIG selective startup is initiated in WinXP.How can i get the selective startup inWin 2000Proff?
  16. A

    Can I disable these start up items from my misconfig?

    I have a few question regarding the startup Items. What are these startup items ? The following startup items are written in the order <StartupItem> <Command> <Location> 1.<mobsync> <mobsync.exe/logon> <HKLM\SOFWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Currentversion\Run> 2.<Itcm000c> <Itcm000c.exe9>...
  17. pirates1323

    Creating new user account with no startup programs. HOW??

    I am using Windows xp pro... I wnt to create a new user account for gaming 'cause in my account I always have to exit antivirus software and firefall before playing games.... I wnt no startup programs and also wnt to disable some of the services of windows xp in tht user account only... Is...
  18. q3_abhi

    No boot menu at Startup

    I had Windows 98 on C: n Windows XP on D: Now i have formatted C: (of Win98) n re-installed Win98 on it. Now at the startup i don get that boot menu, it directly starts Windows 98 I tried to add a boot.ini file in C: which i had backed up before formatting. But in vain. :cry: Now...
  19. A

    need help on vbstub.exe and iexplorer.exe startin at startup

    hey guys, few days ago I found vbstub.exe and iexplorer.exe running at startup automatically with 100% CPU usage. also if i try to open any window e.g. my computer, it opens, but it continuosly keeps on flashing making the PC unusable. this happened i 1 of my 3 users (i.e. me ,dad, bro) then...
  20. V

    System temparature Query ???

    well we have always dicussed about system temparatures and over heatin stuff ... i think now its time to these as stats ... wat is the max CPU core temp at which it can run for 3 hrs on the trot ??? and the same for m/b? wat r the ideal startup temparatures??? evrybody put temps here...
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