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  1. R

    How to Disable software from being loaded at startup

    Hi I have this sofware IDM and 10 days of its trial period is left Everytime i start WinXP IDM launches and i get the dialog box "Ypu have xx days" I tried to disable this loading at startup by unchecking it in msconfig but to no avail. Can some help me to disable IDM from being loaded at...
  2. nitish_mythology

    Automatic entry in windows startup

    Hey I want to develope an alarm system in VB but as I am new in programming please suggest me a way to make it run every time the windows start so that it automatically make its entry in the startup list. ------Nitish
  3. yrana2002

    startup entries

    i've got a regcleaner from which i viewed my startup list. There are a few entries creating confusion: 1. two entries called desktop where filename in N/A and one is loaded from start menu and the other from start menu(common user) 2. Hotkey kbs daemon with filename skbdaemon.exe and loaded...
  4. champ_rock


    hi i know that this prob has been solved earlier but still my xp has overwtittren fc 4.. i dont have booot floppy disk of fc4... i have grub startup disk.... can i install grub with its floppy(i dont have any means whatsover to start up fc 4 )
  5. C

    SOme kinda virus

    I use WinXP professional Recently a file cald p2pnetwork.exe pops up during startup and tries to connect to the net. Many system programs lik taskmon, regedit, etc v stopped workin wen i type regedit in the run dialog, it gives a 16 bit msdos subsystem error. n for task manager, it says dat...
  6. mediator

    Fedora 3...file system check problem! URGENT HELP NEEDED!

    Hi guys, 1. I had FC3 running well for quite some time now! Recently i was trying to install software like lives,vmware,e2fsprgs from the july 2005 edition of DIGIT! Well everything was ok, but when i restarted I was found that e2fsprogs has messed up with the FC3 startup! Now the system...
  7. sujeet2555

    startup problem

    there was a virus named kernels32.exe which was identified by the norton and removed.this program always create its startup entry.but even after its removal its shows that windows cannot find c:\WINDOWS\System32\kernels32.exe on startup.i tried to find its entry in msconfig and other utilities...
  8. N

    SQLMANGR>EXE in startup

    I found a file name sqlmngr.exe in the startup the link is c:\windows\sqlmngr.exe. What does it do and is it necessary to keep it in startup
  9. slugger


    Among the programs that load at startup, REG SEEKER showed up this program. Is it safe to remove to this program from the list of startup programs. I am running Windows 2000 with sp3 with no Internet or LAN connection to my rig.
  10. speedyguy

    Win 2K Remove

    Im runnin 3 os in my system n just realising i really dunt need to as my win 2k is gettin useless after installing a ati 3d card as xp wud do things for me... i hav currently- Win 98 SE Win 2000 Professional Win XP Professional ive installed 2k from 98 n then xp from 2k using a fresh...
  11. H

    Windows Tricks and Tips

    How do I install Windows® 98/Me after I've installed XP?(without 3rd party software) Necessary Criteria This procedure assumes that Windows XP is installed on drive C: No support is offered for other drive letters. Drive C: must be FAT16 or FAT32 to be able to install Windows 98/Me...
  12. niranjan_mcarenyold

    mounting windows partations

    hi inorder to access the windows partaions on my linux machine i wrote a script which will mount the partaions automatically for me without writing long line of commands. my problem is that i want to run the script in startup so that i dont have to manually execute the script whenever of...
  13. vandit

    unknown files in startup

    can anyone tell me to which programs are these associated(are they useful or not) or are they viruses(!@#$) cftmon.exe istservice ----istsvc.exe iHiTA----------AVDEXMI.exe will disableing them from the startup be worth....
  14. vandit

    error on startup

    hello again. this is the most wierdest error I have faced. I get an error stating " an error occured in .exe file " during startup. the error doesnt specify the name of the file. So I cannot diable it from startup. please help. :evil:
  15. S

    bootable cdddd!!!!

    hey I've created bootable cd but on inserting this at the startup a command prompt screen appeared to me now how can i directly to my win xp startup screen ,I'm unable to do this plese help me
  16. H

    interserv.exe ???

    Hi ..i use Webroots's Spysweeper and since i have started browsnig the internet after formatting my hard drive...it keeps alerting for a startup item..the name of which is "Internet Services " and keeps asking me if i wanna keep it in the startup items...please tell em how to get rid of it...
  17. K

    avg startup

    hi :D i use avg free edition 7.0 antivirus system.i used registry cleaner to delete invalid entries,etc... in the registry..after that everything is fine..but my antivirus system is not activated automatically during startup.. how do i make this alright..? thanks :)
  18. ax3

    Win XP : Disable MSN messgr frm System tray @ startup

    No need to edit registry or use any other softwares just 2 remove msn messenger ... Just follow these simple steps ... * Click ... start > run * type gpedit.msc * click ok ... * This will open Group Policy Editor * Browse to folder ... * Computer configuration >...
  19. ax3

    Scandisk in winxp ! ! !

    whenever i click on scandisk, it doesn`t start instantly or at that time ... bt instead it asks me to perform the action on reboot only ... anyway through which i could start instantly & not @ startup ???
  20. D

    Problem with Spybot 1.4 RC2

    When I try to update Spybot 1.4, I get an error that says 'bad checksum'. Also Tea-timer causes an error during startup and refuses to load. Spybot 1.3 worked perfectly well on my PC.
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