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  1. D

    How to stop scandisk at startup?

    How can i stop scandisk from running at startup in windows XP? There is no option under msconfig. Also tell me what is hibernate function and how to use it?.
  2. A

    how to disable startup item in xp

    how to disable startup item in xp . i was not able to locate it ....in windows 98 disbaling start up was in system tools but i m not able to locate in xp ....help me
  3. D

    New Challenge: Delete the 'Startup' folder from Start menu!

    Can n e 1 delete the Startup Folder from Start Menu - Programs? Its annoying and useless to keep it in the start menu
  4. T

    Disable Startup Entries ?

    Hey guys please help me with this. I want to disable the startup items from the Startup tab of the MSCONFIG.MSC. But I only want to disable a few entries there. Can anyone suggest freeware software to do this. As if I untick the items, the computer will start in diagonistic mode instead...
  5. R

    removing startup items

    how to remove startup item from toolbar in win2000 prof.For win xp it is msconfig. what is it for win2000 prof ?
  6. I

    Password protected download-possible?

    HI.Is ther any reg tweak or 3rd party utility s/w to password protect any download to my PC? My cousin was surfing the net from my PC in my absense and he opened some unknown attachment, the next thing I know at next startup is the system has been affected with the Win32.Zafi.D worm. I'm using...
  7. B

    Virtual link

    I am using PCQ Kppp needs to create a virtual link tp /dev/modem the link that the modem driver created was something else I am now creating the link by runing the command each time(I made an icon for that) how can I add that in the startup? Another provlem is that the modem needs to be loades...
  8. P

    Problem in startup in WINXP PRO...! Pls. HELP ..!!

    My Dear ALl Friends..!! I have A Win XP Pro..!! in my sys start up slow..!! so i m remove some startup through "MSCONFIG" But after restart i get all remove startup application ..!! again in start up..!! i remove again and again but still all application in startup..!! so may...
  9. sidewinder

    Virus help.....!

    Hi guys.Plz help me to solve my problem.I use windows 2000 adv server and winxp as my operating systems.One day I was running my antivirus software manualy in winxp and it found some viruses in the c: drive where win2kadvsrvr is installed.After the scan was complete it healed all the viruses.But...
  10. EinSTeiN

    Firefox menu

    i have been using mozilla firefox for more than one month. I am now using version 0.9.1, Although i have no cmplains about the speed and security of firefox i have one problem with the menu. i have noticed that some shadow like things come up in the menu of fire fox. At startup there are only...
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