1. quicky008

    Frustatingly slow boot times after installing comodo firewall 10

    I recently installed comodo free firewall 10 on my system as i was not satisfied with the lacklustre feature set of the default firewall that's included with windows 10.However i was surprised to find that the booting time of my system has increased drastically after installing the firewall and...
  2. Revolution

    Unable To Stop BlueStacks from Startup

    Hi, I'm using BlueStacks and OS is Windows 7. I tried msconfig & services but failed to stop BlueStacks from auto startup each time I turn my PC on. Is there any way ?
  3. sksksksk

    8 beeps on startup

    I am getting 8 beeps on startup! I have Gigabyte mobo. I tried removing and placing the ram again and tried it repeated time but still no use! What should i do?
  4. Arjun609

    Best Dock

    Can Anyone suggest a good dock (Less Ram consumption,Quick Startup,Very Customizable)
  5. E

    Virus problem?

    I recently scanned my entire hdd with norton internet security (updated). It detected a virus and 6 tracking cookies. I removed them. Since then i am having a very strange and annoying problem. When i start my pc, a message that dllloader.dll is missing always pops up. i tried disabling startup...
  6. M

    startup problems blue screen error..

    hi i am using windows vista on a centrino dual core laptop..i am facing blue screen errors since a few days back. after the first attack there were 2 was that the startup screen divided into multiple screens.. after that the computer would get heated up and fan would consecutively...
  7. M

    windows startup failure

    this is the problem it is showing on the screen. can anyone help me with this
  8. curioustechy

    Beep sound during startup and weird keyboard issue

    1) Recently all of a sudden, my cpu started producing a continuous beep sound during startup which lasts about 10 seconds. There is no problem in booting up but this shrill voice causes annoyance. 2) Also recently certain keys on my keyboard ceased working (left ctrl, f2, tilde...etc...
  9. C

    Windows 7 PC freezing for 10-15 minutes on start-up

    Hi there, My Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) PC is freezing up for 10-15 minutes on startup. It was giving this problem after it was kept idle for 3 months. I recently changed my computer Hardware but the problem persists with old hardware aswell. The hardware that I changed includes : Corsair vs...
  10. T

    Need startup website reviews and suggestions

    Hello, Its been a long time since I've posted here! Feels like home So, There are a LOT of shopping websites now in India. The list is endless. There is no specialized search engine to search through them. Yes, there are websites like mysmartprice and pricedekho. But: 1. they are all...
  11. sygeek

    India Gets Its First 1 Gbps Internet Connection

    Link to the article
  12. R

    Clean Unistall of windows8

    hey guys i tried the consumer preview Windows8 on my friends borrowed laptop.. Now that i have formatted the drive in which it was installed,but still it asks me to choose between win7/win8 at startup.. I dont want to have this headache for my friend,so before returning would want to restore...
  13. J

    Laptop slow at startup

    Hello, I have sony VAIO laptop Model No., VPCEB26FA It is very very very slow at startup taking about 22-25min. I gone through all the possible chances which I know, I Run CHKDSK, MSCONFIG, defragment, and also I gone through VAIO Care steps, but no change. Please give me the solution. The...
  14. RBX

    Windows Unable to Start after BIOS Flash

    Downloaded a utility from Intel website that flashed the BIOS to latest revision. At the windows boot animation, the PC restarted and I was later prompted with Startup Recovery option. I denied the restoration and chose repair. Files were repaired but the startup still fails at boot animation...
  15. V

    hpconnectionmanager.exe error on startup

    I see this everytime I startup. This is the error: image host Do let me know if any of you'll have seen this before and if what you did t solve it.
  16. Imperial_Raj

    Windows 7 giving BSOD after installing XP

    Hello everyone! I had Windows 7 pre-installed on my new PC. I installed Ubuntu on it and ran the system in dual-boot for some time. I removed Ubuntu after some time and repaired the bootloader. But it still showed Ubuntu as an option. Now, yesterday I installed XP to run my printer (which had...
  17. Nipun

    How to make the program start with windows?

    I am making a program, in which I want to add an option for "Start with windows". The problem is that I dont know how to do this. I know that there is a "Startup" folder somewhere in computer, and this is what I am gonna do: -Include a shortcut with the program. -When Start with windows is...
  18. utkarsh007

    Crysis 2 not working

    Hey i installed crysis 2 and tried to run with mu nvidia 8400 gs graphic card but it crashed during startup. I saw many videos where it worked with 8400gs plz help
  19. mohityadavx

    [Solved] Can't install windows

    Hi! My frnd lappy got corrupted recently at startup it showed Bootloader missing . He is having Windows 7 So i made a system repair disc and started the automatic startup repair but now it showed can't save startup changes. All this made me angry so i decided to have a complete...
  20. nisargshah95

    Information about some startup programs

    Hi, I've the following programs that startup every time I start my PC [Windows Pro SP3] IgfxTray (igfxtray.exe) Persistence (igfxpers.exe) HotKeysCmds (hkcmd.exe) After going through many forums, I came to know that igfx is a part of Intel Display drivers and is useless. So can I remove...
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