How To Create .gif Files ???

    how to create animated gif images of the above type with this type of rotation and lighting effects , is there any special software or way to create this????? anybody know????? pls help
  2. comp@ddict

    HD4850 512MN GDDR5 Performance REVIEWED (fudzilla)

    HD4850 512MB GDDR5 Performance REVIEWED *www.fudzilla.com/content/view/13812/1/1/1/ This card is Gainward HD4850 GLH, but this is the same card as this: Palit HD4850 512MB GDDR5 Special SONIC @ Rs 9,400/- only
  3. D

    Die Hard (2 Disc Special Limited Edition Steelbook) for Sale - Rs. 550/- only

    Die Hard (2 Disc Special Limited Edition Steelbook) for Sale - Rs. 550/- only # Format: AC-3, Color, Dolby, DTS Surround Sound, Dubbed, DVD-Video, Special Edition, Subtitled, Widescreen # Language: English, German, Italian # Subtitles: English, Spanish # Region: Region 1 (Will work fine on...
  4. slugger

    Happy Birthday Krazzy and everyone else

    Happy B'Day guys Have a great and rokkin life each day every day :) @krazzy Hope you have become old enough to channelize your passion for regionalism towards Nationalism And a special mention of Happy B'Day to dearkumar, arun singh, khan.jaf@rediff.com, sen, meloney, looogk, NauticA...
  5. A

    set of questions regarding n 95

    hi guys i have n 95 classic i wana know these things 1.it has gps so how i can use it....i wana see how to go from one place to other via map like shown in ad 2.is it possible to see original web page in n 95 3. apart from camera and dual slider and music what else is special in this...
  6. E

    Notepad++ for MS Vista ?

    Hi, Is Notepad++ compatible for MS Vista? Are there any special versions? Thanks
  7. vamsi_krishna

    How Convert Nes Catridges Into Rom In Pc

    hello, i own a official NES(nintendo entertainment system) and some catridges too. Now i want to convert them to romes on my pc. What is the way and what are the special equipments i need for it. Although there are blunders of roms in internet i want to make my own. please help me.
  8. M

    Customise special folders

    I want to place link to 'My Videos' folder in start menu(not in classic start menu) in windows xp, without removing any of the items there. I also want to move the special folders viz. My Music, My Pictures and My Videos to different locations( I am not asking to move My Documents becoz I can...
  9. avi1708

    HP or DELL ?

    Which one do u think is better ? 1.HP Pavilion dv2700 Special Edition 2.Dell Inspiron 1420(with similar config.)
  10. uppalpankaj

    Digit June 2008 Anniversary Special!

    What is Digit giving in June 2008 Anniversary Special?? Does anyone has an idea regarding this????? There is no information regarding this in the website....:x
  11. krates

    what so special about Nokia 8800 arte

    what so special about that phone why it is priced so high ?
  12. BBThumbHealer

    What makes Monalisa's painting so special ?

    Hello Buddies , As the thread title suggest , can u ppl suggest wat makes Monalisa's painting so special that even scientists are performing researches on it ? Isn't it an ordinary painting ? Due my lack of knowledge on the topic , i wud like to hear from all digitians on this issue ! Thnx...
  13. Plasma_Snake

    HD conversion

    This is basically a question which has plagued many of us Tech Geeks since we saw the HD content. How are normal movies converted to HD? Is it a software process or some special Hardware is needed? If a software then please name it? Heard about "Tinyrips"? Hope to get some quick and good...
  14. rajivnedungadi

    Four Digit Special Issues in a year from now on...

    Yes, you read it right. As per the new subscription form, it says that Digit would give 4 Special issues worth Rs.200/- in a year, so its not just going to be in June and December but the special issues would be more frequent. Anyone has any idea when would the other two special issues come...
  15. Cyrus_the_virus

    Indian's on Britains got talent show

    I know there is a separate thread for youtube videos but I guess this video deserves special mention. Check it out guys. :p *youtube.com/watch?v=hp7HyDjF21M This is one of the biggest shows in Britain Currently:D
  16. FatBeing

    [By Demand] June 2008 7th Anniversary Special

    Demand away!
  17. Abhishek Dwivedi

    TechFreakiez.com goes online...

    Hi guys, Before i begin, i'd like to a few things clear: - i am well aware of the forum rules. - i am not advertising my website on this forum. Finally i have finished my Website named TechFreakiez and its now online. The TechFreakiez provides daily gadgets and technology news...
  18. chicha

    jericho help

    i am playing this game, not only its boring but i am not able to use my special power. it says q and e and some space. how do i use them? i googled it but did not get any proper results.
  19. aryayush

    Meet the iPod nano, now in pink

    Meet the iPod nano, now in pink Posted Jan. 22, ’08, 5:57 AM PT by Aayush Arya The Apple Online Store is back up and there has indeed been an addition to the “New to the Store” list, but it might not exactly be the thing most people were hoping for. No new Macs for us to get all excited about...
  20. Batistabomb

    Daily SMS !

    Common guys let's start a new thread and we shall posts some good Messages from your inbox here , so that every one can read and send to their dear's if it is so special
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