1. ajayritik

    Help with Home Theater!

    I recently purchased Sony Home Theatre! Person who installed it told me that if I want to connect the surround system to the TV and not to the DVD Player I need a special wire. I was wondering if its possible for us to get Surround System if we connect the TV to the Surround System without the...
  2. spitfire

    Nokia 3230 Black Special Edition for sale !

    Nokia 3230 Black Special Edition +Original Data Cable+64MB MMC for sale ! I have an One Year Old Nokia 3230 Special Edition Mobile for sale.Its in showroom condition.No scratches or problems whatsoever Features Includes : 1.Symbian 7.0 Series 60 Version 2 (Latest Firmware,updated from Nokia...
  3. FatBeing

    [By Demand] Digit December 2007 Special Issue

    Yes, we are doing something special for December, but you'll have to find out what later....
  4. G

    Subtitle software

    Hi Is there any special software for creating sub title in movies.. Is there any special software . i want their names please.....
  5. Ankur Mittal

    XBOX 360 Halo 3 Edition unveiled

    Microsoft is going to release a new version of its XBOX 360…just for the release of Halo 3! This new 360 will have the color profile of “Spartan Green” and “Spartan Gold” colxbox360or, with a matching ”Spartan Green” controller will come with it. This is not a big of a surprise as they have done...
  6. koolbluez

    Remember Google's April1st joke... now see this...

    Remember Google's April Fool's joke this year.. the GMail Paper one? Well, a Web service by the name eSnailer's out to make the joke a reality! Bringing back snail mail! eSnailer actually(!?!) prints, envelopes, stamps, and mails actual dead-tree letters free of charge within 24 hours. You...
  7. R

    LOL..hathway is alive??

    I have went through their plans all sucks but why they have a such a plan??When we compared to BSNL the price is toooooo for..Dose anyone use it??what special in it? *hathway.com/bci/packages.htm dose they alive??OMG look at their GOLD PLANS....ROLF....
  8. paragkalra

    Meet the Gigantic Crew of OM SHANTI OM (Pics Included)

    Om Shanti Om The story centers on an artist, Om (Shahrukh khan), who grows up in the seventies, meets the love of his life (Deepika padukone) and shortly thereafter suffers an untimely demise. He is immediately reincarnated and the story flash-forwards to the present day. Haunted by the...
  9. P

    hey all pizza lovers

    well..............just 1 question ................whats your favourite pizza ? mine is smokin joes special from smokin joes and extra cheese burger pizza from dominos.
  10. thilina

    Need a special Download manager (VSDM-Very special Download Manager)

    Hey guys, Need some help.I wanna find a download manager,But it have to have some special characteristics.Not all of the below are necessary!!.But if you guys knw a DM that has at least some of these qualities,plz reply as soon as possible.Plz guys,its a great help for me...
  11. quan chi

    is there any kung fu mod for max payne 2.

    well guys is there any kung fu mod for max payne 2 available.and if yes then please can anyone post the link here. well and what special ending do you get when you beat the dead on arrival mode.
  12. The Outsider

    Xp Setup Problem (urgent)

    got a laptop here, its a Compaq Presario C500 the config is a C2D 1.66ghz T2060, 512MB of ram. when i run the xp setup, at the screen it asks for repairing or new installation, i chose the new installation option but it says no connected hds/mass storage devices found, its pretty obvious...
  13. the.kaushik

    what is this?

    when we register, or say in rapidshare while we want to download anything we are told to verify by typing a auto generated code.. can anyone say what is that called.. ie. any special term for that.. also how is it possible to give such option in our own website???
  14. koolbluez

    What's special about this number

    "What's special about this number?" is a math-geek cool site explaining the significance of thousands of numbers between 0 and 9999. Sample from the site...0 is the additive identity. 1 is the multiplicative identity. 2 is the only even prime. 3 is the number of spatial dimensions we live in. 4...
  15. T

    CPU + Motherboard

    Hi I'm looking forward to buy a new processor(Intel) and a compatible motherboard for my PC, keeping the old RAM and other stuff for the time being. What combination should i go for? Please provide me with the prices also. I've no special interest in dual core CPUs, but they'll be ok if...
  16. N

    Connect My PC with DVD player

    Can i connect my dvd player with my PC. My config was: Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz 915 board (inbuilt graphics) Creaive audigy 4 with SP/DIF Di i need any special H/W to connect? Please reply NANDA
  17. shyamno

    Formatting Symbion Phones.

    Is there any special strings through which we can format the whole symbion OS of Nokia ??
  18. int86

    What to Redeem for 100 points.

    I have 100 digit patrone points. What u suggest to redeem it for. I thought to cash it for Computer arts special > web design 2.0
  19. H

    hello plz help

    Hello everyone anyone from delhi please help me out as i want hutch stv 30rs special tarrif voucher please help me get that as i am not able to get one
  20. anandk

    INDIAN company launches new AntiSpyware !!!

    Max Secure Software on Wed launched The Max Spyware Dectector 2.0. what makes the news special it that its been launced by an Indian company ! Max Secure Software is a privately held company based in Pune, India with offices in US ! it claims to have : -Advanced technology to detect &...
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