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How To Create .gif Files ???

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how to create animated gif images of the above type with this
type of rotation and lighting effects , is there any special software
or way to create this????? anybody know?????
pls help


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look there are several softwares available these days to create animated GIFs

the above one has threedy effect, for such GIFs

I use 3dStudio Max, model the design > animate it as you want > Render to GIF
if you want a Free/OpenSource utility for this job try Blender, its okay

though you can also create such GIFs in Adobe Flash these days... it got a new 3D enhancement

if you don't want 3D effect then there are several Free Utilities too

even you can try this online utility: http://gifmake.com/
never used it, but seems fine
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Gimp if u want a freeware.

For more advanced features u can try Ulead GIF animator - Excellent software
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