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  • Hi Rajiv, i was going through your posts regarding Blu ray drive. Do you own one now? I have bought a blu ray player some months back......
    heyyyy can u tell me how to install mac on an intel pc?????
    Hi Ragiv,

    1.The MRP Varies from US dollars 4 to 8 and GB Pounds 4 to 8.
    2.I have around 30magazines.
    3.The following magazines come with DVD.
    Pc user
    Pc answers
    Windows xp official magazines.
    Australian personal computer magazine
    4.As i stated in the mail it is 80% discount on cover price if you purchase more then 5 magazines. ( The Indian news stand price is generally more then 20% of the imported cover magazine. )
    5. Th imported DVD( with out magazine ) costs around Rs40.

    Please do not hesitate to mail for further clarifications


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