1. J

    Which antivirus should i buy?

    Hi all :) I am new to this forum. As Digit is my favourite magzine, so i chose this forum. And please sorry if i am posting in wrong section. My question is- Which antivirus is best to buy? Norton 360 6.0 or Kaspersky pure 2.0? Also, will i need to install some other special anti-malware...
  2. montsa007

    Quitting my dayjob to work independently - Few Queries

    Holla, I currently work in a private company and apart from that I develop and maintain websites for foreign clients. Lately the web development work is increasing and its stable in the long run. Now I can't manage by dayjob and the web work together (I could do that before, as the workload...
  3. J

    Cabinet help

    Hi Guys, Do anyone know what is the current price of Corsair Graphite 600T White Special Edition? and where can i buy it in bangalore?
  4. varunparakh

    UBISLATE 7+ or BSNL-Penta TPAD

    BSNL/PANTEL(Noida based manufacturer's of the tablet) have started the prebooking of their newly launched tablet, TPAD! On the other side we have Ubislate 7+ for 3k With plethora of features and BSNL's discounted internet plans, T-PAD looks far more promising than its POPULAR...
  5. rajivnedungadi

    Digit March 2012 Special Issue @ Rs.200/-

    Yes, the digit march 2012 edition is going to be a "holi" special at Rs.200/- 2 DVDs 2 Fast Tracks 1 Mini book Your thoughts....
  6. ajooba215

    Any idea about special numbers?

    okay..i am seeking a meaningful help from all you intelligent people out there. I have thought of a business plan and need to get a special number like 5 digit or 6 digit number running on all the operators nation wide. I've heard its very exhausting process to get a new number authenticated...
  7. C

    Gaming mouse+Gaming Keyboard+Gamepad

    Hi all. I am looking for a Gaming Mouse and Gaming keyboard, and, if some money is left I also want a gamepad. :)) My requirements: -The size of keyboard should be < 19 inches. -The mouse should be good looking :P I dont like mice like Flipkart.com: Razer Naga Molten Special Edition...
  8. nilanko

    Superb download speed even after crossing limit but...

    Yes, I have BSNL 900UL plan. I have crossed 8GB and the download speed is supposed to be around 30KBps now at 256Kbps connection speed. But when I download from this website: *www.motive.bsnl.co.in , download speeds are again high. Here's the proof: But downloading from any other site is...
  9. V

    Samsung Chat phone special offer for today only!

    guys... Samsung Mobile is having a One-Day Special Sale of Chat Phones exclusively on Facebook on 1st July 2011. You get to buy any of the Samsung Chat phones (Chat 322, Chat 222, Chat 335) at special offer prices and also get a Philips headset worth Rs. 699/- with your purchase. Offer open only...
  10. jsjs

    Contents of digit dvd jun 11

    Has anyone bought the digit june 11 edition? If yes then please tell me what gaming and software content it has on its dvd. No need to name everything, just the few special ones.
  11. echoplxx

    Preview + Feedback [June 2011]

    10th Anniversary Issue – Special Fliptop edition (read from both sides) 2 Digit issues 2 Fast Tracks 1 SKOAR! issue 3 DVDs CTC – The wait is over, here's presenting Crack the Code III Digit issue one We try to simplify the most complex gadgets, gizmos and technologies we are surrounded...
  12. Ihatemyself

    Speakers for macbook pro 2-2.5k

    Please recommend speakers. Considerations: 1.Portable. 2.Preferably no need for power. Don't want AAA batteries either.Is there a third thing? 3.Something special for macbook ? Some bling? 4.Something which plays Led Zeppelin, Bob dylan well.:)
  13. C

    F* keys need holding Fn key on Compaq CQ62

    I got a Compaq CQ62 laptop recently. I find that I have to hold down the Fn keys to use the standard F* keys while accessing the special functionalities like media keys does not. This is frustrating as the standard keys are used more often the special functions. Is there anyway to fix it so...
  14. K

    The Digit wars

    "Subscribers Only Digit Rewind DVD, with an hour and a half of video exploration of the history of computing Digit Mini, Fun Computing facts, trivia and puzzles" Y only for Subcribers ??? x-( Digit is also doing Partiality :(( like politicians.... Those subscribers are getting discount...
  15. Vishal Gupta

    [Needed] Mobile Phone Under 15K

    Hello everyone I'm planning to purchase a mobile phone under 15-16K. So I request all mobile experts to provide their opinion which handset should I go for? :) I don't have any special feature requirement but the handset should look excellent. So I want to know which mobile would fit the best...
  16. bigit

    Put Your DVDs into iPod Right Now! Without any fee required!

    Digiarty released a special edition of WinX DVD to iPod Ripper which enables users to rip and convert different DVDs including protected and commercial DVDs to iPod devices. And from Jan. 11th---Feb. 1st, this special edition is totally free. For those of you who haven’t known how to encode...
  17. NewsBytes

    Mid-range phones in demand; Govt considers special consumer court for mobiles

    Experiencing frequent call drops and wish to take your service provider to task? Is your phone malfunctioning time and again, and the manufacturer won&rsquo;t honour your warranty? Currently, fighting for your rights involves a long, drawn-out process. But all that might soon change if the...
  18. Anorion

    [By Demand] December 2009

    Thank you for your efforts in posting in the Nov By Demand thread. Anything that was not put in the Nov DVD, will be considered for the December DVD. This is a special issue here, so ask away. Will post a shortlist of things I am considering in some time (=5 days).
  19. IronCruz

    Whats special in Windows 7?

    We all know that vista came with direct X 10, windows Media player 11, IE 7, ready boost, sidebar, etc. In the Similar way, whats special in Windows 7? Is all the above included in W7? And mention other contents of windows 7.:smile: I think it's releasing on Oct 22. If i'm wrong please tell me...
  20. Techn0crat

    How many special issues are there?

    From last year,We are getting 3 special issues instead of 2 each year i.e. June,October and December,each for 200 Rs/-.What we get in this special issues are more number of DVDs and DroolMaal/Bazaar section eating up half the magazine(October-Icons of Trust,December-Zero 1 awards).I don't think...
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