1. L

    Fifa 07...

    If anybody has tried playing the latest edition of FIFA(07) can u tell me whether the special moves button "z" works? Or if Left Shift works? Seems real difficult to score goals without using the special moves especially after playing Fifa 06 endlessly....
  2. S

    Need Tips on assembling processor on mobo..

    Need info on coolants used, etc etc.... Any special care that must be taken while assembling a Proessor on mobo ?
  3. D

    how to enable and use dataone broadband from home pc using wi-fi

    i am having compaq presario notebook with wi-fi and bluetooth inbuilt.. i am having dataone broadband in my home desktop pc.. with quidway wi-fi enabled modem.... how can i use the broadband connection from my home pc in my laptop using wi-fi.. is it possible?? or any special router needed?? if...
  4. rajivnedungadi

    Digit December Special Edition Contents Announced

    Hi THe December Special Edition Contents have been Announced. Its 4 CDs and a DVD. I dont understand the reason why they are giving 20 Fast Track issues and 12 issues of DIgit in PDF in a separate CD. They could have added teh same in on a DVD. I dont think it will take more than 350 MB...
  5. Sandeepnair85


    It’s been about nine months since Amp’d Mobile has announced a handset, but the carrier finally has a new phone that’s hip enough to match its edgy content. Featuring a signature pearl gray finish, this RAZR feels a bit dated compared to the new MOTOKRZR, but it’s certainly a step up in the...
  6. Simple_Graduate

    Tea or Coffee???

    *www.businessworld.in/SEP0406/market.asp Generation-X is all about trends. With the coffee culture catching up, there is a sudden rise in the number of coffee shops, especially in urban India. Today, there are around 500 Barista and Café Coffee Day outlets across the country. And the...
  7. T

    Linux Webhosting Offer - 50mb @ INR 300 per yr

    Solinweb.net - Webhosting service with experience of more than 4 years. ================================================ BUDGET HOSTING ================================================ Space: 50mb Bandwidth: 1500mb Price: Annual Price - $7.50 INR --- Price: Annual Price - Rs. 300...
  8. amrit1

    extract vocal from a song

    how to do it?? is there any special software for that???
  9. S

    Lit Format

    I have some of the ebooks in LIT format. The wordpad didn't support it neither does Microsoft Word. Is there any special software to read these books. Please reply....
  10. anandk

    color your folders with iColorFolder

    color your folders with iColorFolder here is another small utility, which lets u color ur windows cream folders to colours of ur choice, individually ! it helps is searching for ur special folders easily...worth checking out !!! click...
  11. V

    about www22...

    i visited recently verizon's site... after i hit enter after typed the url.. the "www" changed to "www22" whats that www22 mean? is it any version? or it is using any special protocols? its happening in many sites.... please help me in finding the answer....
  12. D

    How to start web storeage like megaupload???

    How to start web storeage like megaupload???What will be the cost to start??And how much Hadrdisk we need???IS there any special type of harddisk?? :?: Help out....... :wink:
  13. A

    Google Pack

    I dont know if this is already posted Google launched GOOGLE PACK It's a pack of esssential software It includes 1. Google Earth 2. Google Screensaver (new) 3. Mozilla Firefox 4. Ad-Aware 5. Norton Antivirus 2005 Special Edition(6 mnths trial) 6. Adobe Acrobat 7 7. Google Toolbar...
  14. N

    TV-Out From GFX card

    I have TV out pin in ny new BIG's NVIDIA GeForce 6600 256 MB (non GT) Card. I tried connecting to an old TV but i failed. Please tell me how to connect my comp to the tv. Is there should be any special requirement to the tv? Please help me......
  15. R

    Need a help in copying disc..

    I have cd with some scratch over on it so that i was not able to copy the cd content to the hard disk.so how to copy it?is there any special software in it to copy?I have tried of the file using virtual drive but it also vain.so plz help in copying...........
  16. rockthegod


    Source: TechTree ( The Details Modified A Bit) /// The Pics here are quite small in size around 35 Kb each.. so didn't post the thumbnails //// Can't hardly wait for sum of them..... 1)Myst V: End of Ages (Sep 20) Legends never die. Or so we thought until we came across Myst 5: End...
  17. R

    How to make it?

    I have my dailup internet connection at 33.6 KBS. Some time i get 50.6KBS.Is there any special software or guide to connect in 50.6KBS in windows xp?Help me
  18. anshul


    Hey, Greetings to you all. Did you grab a copy of skoar magazine? Well I had it and I must say that it was worth the money. Not for the DVD contents which have Americas army: special forces two 2.20 full version and legacy of kain as the main attraction but for the magazine as the game...
  19. Charley

    Whats the suicidal phtograher in Grand Theft Auto: San Andre

    On gamerlady's secrets map outside of Los Santos it says: 'suicidal photographer' but what is it? I've been to that place and I didn't see nothing special :?
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