1. K

    SMS Without Number

    i want to send sms to my client without displaying my cellphone no. instead my company airtel,justdial people send us..Will it be possible and how???
  2. T

    Jaxtr Allows Free SMS to 38 Countries

    [UPDATED]:Jaxtr's Free SMS(to 38 Countries)service over UPDATE:Now you get only a link to jaxtr's wap site which you need to open to read the recieved message, unlike earlier when you received the message on your phone. So the service isn't fully free as the receiver has to pay GPRS access...
  3. iMav

    Send SMS With Outlook 2007 and Microsoft SMSOfficer

    Send SMS Text Messages from Your Computer to Any Mobile Phone With Outlook 2007 and Microsoft SMSOfficer Source Announcement SMSOfficer Create Account
  4. ajayashish

    data back up for N73

    I will be exchanging my N73 with a K850i or W960i tomorrow... is there any way which can help me retrive my sms... i have 250 odd messager there which i dont want to loose...
  5. vish1988

    help with my lg ke820

    i have bought second hand lg ke820 phone but i don't have the cd i have downloaded synchronization software It shows only contacts ,memo and schedules but nothing about sms i have also used MyPhoneExplorer soft but after detecting the phone it show an error and exits i have also...
  6. kerthivasan

    how to send sms from GMAIL?(IN INDIA)

    HI GUYS. can anyone tell me how to send sms from gmail to AIRTEL, BSNL VODAFONE,AND AIRCEL. I WILL BE VERY THANKFUL IF CAN GIVE ME THE ANSWERS!
  7. kerthivasan

    free SMS in india?any SITES U know?

    hi guys. i want to send free sms from my computer using net to my freind'scell. can i know which sites offer this free service? I HAVE ALREADY TRIED .. but all of them send my sms along with their ads. i don't want that. can u help me out?
  8. hrushij

    2 way communication..sms & email??

    Hi..all of my friends.. Is there any software..or site..or anything..that support sms & email 2 way communication...And of course for free..!! :rolleyes: Thanks in Advance..!!:)
  9. esumitkumar

    CDMA with longest battery backup ?

    hi guys plz suggest a CDMA phone with longest battery backup ...shud have handsfree..req usage : only talk and SMS ..intend to use with TATA indicom.. TIA Sumit
  10. 2kewl

    Now, get SMS alerts free of cost!

    Nice...signed up for cricket and astrology :rolleyes: Visit for more info Rediff Rajesh S Kurup in Mumbai February 01, 2008 10:31 IST Heralding a sign of times to come, a mobile solutions provider has begun delivering SMS alerts free-of-cost to cellular...
  11. R

    Stop spam SMS & unwanted tele calls!!!!!!!

    Private Call & Sms Guard With the above software & certain nokia handset you can stop spamming of sms & calls. I dont have nokia can any user who may have used this reply how good is it?

    Wanted software 4 sms.

    I want to send sms from email or any way .can any one tell me nd suggest me free software nd can give download link .plz:)
  13. M

    unlimited sms plan in Bangalore

    does any wireless providers offer unlimited SMS plan on GSM network in Banglore ??
  14. R

    Send sms from internet

    hi friends, can any body tell me a good software that can send sms from internet to mobiles in india. It must have 1. send to group option 2. address book 3. store sent message etc send to group is important Thank you if possible provide me the link also Thank you
  15. H

    Some suggestion for n72!!!!

    Hii friends m a newbie to symbian:rolleyes: n i own a n72 just few 2 weeks ago.. but i need ur help to make myself more familiar for Symbian os First of all i have a worm named microsoftpowerpoint.exe n some of its autorun files in my Memory card!!! i know this worm can't affect my mobile coz...
  16. Gigacore

    Free XMAS SMS Greetings for Airtel Users!

    Hi guys, i just got this sms.. and got my free 4 xmas greetings! Nice greetings indeed. What are u waiting for.. ? [May be for Karnataka circle only]
  17. arunks

    New offer by paymate for giftmate rs.250 voucher.. ENjoy!!!

    Guys another offer for getting free 250 voucher has started.. So enjoy this guys..:p They have colaborated with kingfisher airlines.. GiftMate Voucher Offer Details Existing GiftMate users will not be eligible to receive the GiftMate voucher under thisoffer. The GiftMate voucher worth Rs...
  18. ~Phenom~

    Not able to send and receive SMS

    Hi Guys, I have BSNL Cellone mobile. I can send and receive sms from all normal numbers but I cannot send and receive sms from special numbers like 57333 and 5667711.:( This is not the problem with BSNL in general as my dad's and friends' BSNL is working fine . I Have tried changing handsets...
  19. S

    mobile pc bulk sms..or sms gateway

    our frens in nepal needs to send some sms alerts to clients well options are 1) connect mobile to pc and send bulk sms any good software for it....what can be problem there sms charges are almost like 1 irs with tax 2) use sms gateway....but i could not find one for them cheap...
  20. A

    Yahoo messenger

    Hello Dudes, Its been a long time since i visited the forum. Have been busy and away from the net since the last 6 months or an year. I find that everything has been changed for good. I luv this new look but it is kinda confusing. Anywayz I have a few queries regarding the Yahoo...
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