1. Ganeshkumar

    Any Reliable Free SMS??

    Hi digit guysss...:) Here any1 know any free reliable sms gateway... mainly for sending sms to India.... I am already using Callwave.. but now it doesn't allow to send free sms..!:( Also downloaded Ongo sms but as it is in chinese... i could not understand that!!!:confused: And all...
  2. bizzare_blue

    SMS Gateway

    I am developing a web based application using ASP.NET....I want to add a facility for the administrator wherein he gets a mobile alert whenever a user registers etc. I got to know that this can be done using "SMS Gateways". Can anybody please tell me how can I accomplish my goal? and the steps I...
  3. vish786

    blocking sms

    is their a way of blocking incoming sms for a specific number using some software.... ??
  4. tanush_89

    Backup Sms

    Guys I Really Need Ur Help Here. I Have Got N91 I Want To Backup All My Sms Of Phone Memory And Memory Card(hdd).how Can I Do It ??? And Secondly I Want To Send Those Old B&w Sms Which Are Sent As Sms And Not As Mms Using My Phone But I Dont Get Any Option But If Someone Sends Me Then...
  5. D

    How to remove FAX RECEIVED icon from my LG KG300 Mobile phone?

    I always surf net through my cell only.After surfing morning,i sent a sms to airtel to deactivate gprs..When sms sent a new message opened by default showing NEW FAX.Only back button was working & i pressed it.Now i dont understand that how can i receive fax in cell..Cause there is no option in...
  6. M

    anonymous sms

    if anyone know any website tht allows sending sms with a changeable sender id..!! that is i shall b able to specify the sender of the sms...when the desired person recieves the message...he/she shall see the number (which i have specified) as the sender's number..!! thnks in advance.! manan
  7. M

    Unlimited SMS worldwide

    Just need to register: It's worth seing
  8. appu

    A mobile around 6k to 7k

    Hello guys plz help me find a cell i need it for music and sms mainly
  9. Gigacore

    Get back ur lost phone!

    You can report ur lost cellphone to, Keep mind, you should know ur cellphones IEMI number. To find that dial *#06# Source: SMS not verified
  10. S

    Download Lot Of Screen Saver

    Download Free ScreenSavers and Wallpapers! - Call or Send SMS to any phone anywhere in the world Free! - Download Free Daily Horoscope Toolbar! - in cash Rs.5,000. SMS BLUFF to 7333...
  11. G

    Wanted SE P990i

    U can SMS on 09448248074
  12. S

    Any free sms sites

    Hi friends any more free sms sites which go very fast with in secounds..........
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