1. expertno.1

    ***HOT***SMS 2.0 by airtel its free***

    Airtel presented sms2.0 reader.Ab bheje Rang Birangi SMS kayi saare naye features ke saath! Free Sms2 application download karne keliye 59191 par sms kare SMS2 . Njoy Enhanced sms feature like emotions and colorfull font . U can also update your news preferences by clicking on option button...
  2. R

    Yahoo sms free service, is it realiable?

    Search does not give me any results so I tried myself free yahoo sms service, do anyone use this is it reliable & send messages to all kind of networks across India? Any other free & reliable service? I tried sending to kolkata airtel & it tells me that Phone number XXXXXXXXXXXX cannot...
  3. M

    Suggest Free SMS Site

    friends, on special occasions / imporatnt work i have to send tons of sms to my friends / collegues plz suggest site/software meant for sending free and unlimited sms throughout India
  4. J

    Help - Free sms in airtel

    Is there any plan from airtel which gives free sms. My friend said to recharge with 69 booster pack to get free sms is it? I am in tamil nadu circle..
  5. clmlbx

    How Can I Backup Sms ?

    How Can I Backup Sms ? I Want To Format My Phone And I Don't Want To Loose My Sms So Is There Any Way I Can Backup It ?
  6. r2d2

    IDEA sms spam

    Can anybody tell me how to unsubscribe from idea promotional sms and calls, its really getting annoying for me. Another thing, everyday Rs 1 is deducted from my balance even if i dont make any call, do you know why?
  7. B

    Faking an SMS on your mobile using software

    Simulate a SMS to be sent to your phone at a certain date and time as a reminder. Note that this feature does not cost anything. Input the phone number that you would like the application shown when the SMS comes in. Once you have completed the message, click 'Options' and 'Save'. Then the...
  8. N

    Google Launches SMS Text Messaging Service in India

    Google has launched their SMS text message service in India (already availabe for US and other customers at for mobile phone users who wish to find out information from Google about business listings, movie showtimes and other local or web information via sending queries to the...
  9. A

    sony ericsson s**k

    sony ericsson not for indian i buy sony j230 for 3k last year which is good phone i can read & write hindi sms now i buy sony k790i for 14k but i can't read or write hindi sms what the hell is this?? why sony not add hindi language in there high end phone like k790 w810 ??? :mad:
  10. S

    DivX from USB HD on my PStwo

    Hi there, I have just ordered an external USB2 box, so I can put my SATA-disk inside and connect it to my PStwo slim. I am not so interested in playing games from HD. What I would much rather like to know is if it is fairly straightforward to connect your USB-HD with a couple of divx-movies to...
  11. Rockstar11

    wats new Airtel Mobile Office activate/deactivate sms code..??

    Hello friends How can i activate/deactivate Airtel mobile office ??? maine 696 pe MO activate karne ke liye sms send kiya lekin MO activate nahi ho raha hai.. :confused: plzzzz help...
  12. pushkaraj

    URGENT:Need mobile under 6k wih mitn 200 sms capacity

    Hi guys. One of my frnds needs a cellphone for his dad under 6k. Phone shud hav min 200 sms capacity. Nokia is preferred. 2nd priority is ericsson. Colour screen and radio a must. He wants to buy it tomo. Please help.
  13. Quiz_Master

    Free SMSs and Other Goodies :

    First let me tell you I am not advertising or giving referall links. :D (This note is for those who report threads even before reading it.) Just found this site h##p:// It gives you option to send unlimited free SMSs. Yes,,, thats right unlimited... and the reciever will see...
  14. S

    Unable to activate Mobile Office

    i an airtel punjab customer. i wanted to activate mobile office 250 per month plan. the customer care asked to send sms MO250 to 52696. it has been 5 days and my phone is not sending the can send all other sms. the customer care says that network might be busy but can it be busy for 5...
  15. C

    how to stop getting sms from 58888?

    Last week i played a q&a game by replying to this number. now i am getting minimum 5 sms every day from this number( 58888 ) to play some of their cashpot games..i don't want these messages. is there any deactivation code for this?
  16. ajayritik

    How to take backup of the SMS from Sony Ericsson K750i to my local PC?

    Does anyone know how to take a backup of my SMS from inbox of the phone to my PC? I use a Sony Ericcson K 750 i. Earlier I had Nokia in which there was a feature by which we can store or move the SMS to the computer. If anyone knows about this please help me with the same.
  17. abhijit_reddevil

    Citibank $ucks!

    I previously had a citibank credit card for which I cleared all dues and after that I have not used it since. I am happy with my ICICI bank credit card. It was not that I had any complaints with citibank, only that as I had another card with higher credit limit, I did not use the citibank one...
  18. A

    nokia 5700 - SMS help - Tips & Tricks

    Hi Friendz Need ur input 1-> i have a nokia 5700 2-> Address book have over 500 entries 3-> Address book entries have multiple mobile and few landline numbers 4-> Need to send 1 SMS (my number has changed to XXXXXX , please update ur address book) to all the address book entries apart...
  19. H

    Need Info abt Airtel top ups for lifetime

    I hav recently bought Airtel Lifetime Rs 495 I need to know how much the 1 paise SMS top up costs.It generally costs Rs 45 for non-lifetime users and when i asked retailer for it he says that it doen't apply for lifetime users.I was shocked y it doen't apply. He said to contact customer...
  20. V

    Get Jobs by SMS for Free

    Get SMS alerts on your mobile and get a job … an innovative website just log on to JobsBySMS and get jobs instantly. Get selected ……hurry up to register and to get a job
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