1. P

    Sending Free SMS to Malasia

    please suggest some working sites which can be used to send free SMS to malasia. thanks in advance.
  2. Ron

    Saving SMS

    To copy a message from the computer to my mobile.I generally do the following: 1. Open Nokia PC Suite(7.1.18 ) 2. Connect the Nokia 3110c Mobile 3. Now i open the message box 4. i Click New Messsage 5. Copy a SMS from site and save it as a draft Now the problem is that this method can be...
  3. S

    Google enables Gmail SMS messages

  4. Rockstar11

    Super Stars or Real Stars..?

    Super Stars ?? How much did u send SMS for them???? 5 SMS s ? = Rs10 x 5 =Rs50 10 SMS s? = Rs10 x 10 =Rs100 100 SMS s? = Rs10 x 100 =Rs1000 Or more??? ? ? ? ? AND Real Stars???. How much did u donate for their fund...
  5. T

    sms spoof

    guys can any one tell me what is sms faking or spoofing where can i get more info about it
  6. T

    sms spoof

    hi guys i want to know what is sms spoofing and how can i use it
  7. Zangetsu

    How to send free sms from internet to Dubai...

    Is there ne free site using which i can send free sms 2 dubai frm india...:confused: ???
  8. Pathik

    Send RSS Feeds to Your Blog Readers via SMS

    Via: RSS feeds have traditionally been delivered using a RSS reader / browser or using email. But now, you can also send your Blog’s RSS feeds to subscribed users via SMS. This tutorial is specific to Indian users, but you...
  9. A

    Airtel 2000 free SMS?!

    I am using Airtel Prepaid card in Maharashtra and recently I came to knew about a 'Sunday SMS Pack' in which one can get 2000 free local SMS and the pack costs Rs.11. (In short you can get 2000 SMS in Rs.11) But the catch is this pack is valid only for ONE Sunday i.e. 24 hours of the coming...
  10. toofan

    Vote For Aashutosh: Big BOSS!

    Friends now the final 2 days to go 2 declare the winners. So I request you all the friends to please sms for Ashutosh type ASH and send it to 56882. As you all know ashutosh is the winner of MTV- Roadiees last year. But still this person has past his nights on footpath of Mumbai. So he is the...
  11. D

    BSNL Mobile (Cellone)- SMS

    I am unable to send SMS through Nokia 3110c. Please help i have setup the message centre correctly.
  12. gary4gar

    [Orkut] Get Latest Updates By SMS for Free

    [Orkut] Get Latest Updates By SMS for Free [Orkut] Get Latest Updates By SMS for Free via [Gaurish sharma Live] Orkut Help Link
  13. V

    Send SMS for free from mobile

    Friends how can i send SMS from my mobile (Nokia N72) for free
  14. W

    sms via bluetooth (msg frm in box)

    hey frnds i own a nokia 5320 handset i want to send sms via bluetooth to my frnds that are stored in my in box as u know 5320 has no pencil key so i can not copy the text and send it so i need a 3rd party software or some kind of trick or hack to do so...... can any one help me in...
  15. Pat

    Get all your emails via sms for free

    mobee features full access to your emails via SMS no GPRS required and nothing to install works with any email - Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc works with any mobile READ full mail, REPLY, REPLYALL, SEND email attach documents while SENDing or REPLYing emails access unlimited email...
  16. A

    Anyone heard of Google SMS Channel?

    Has anyone tried the new Google SMS channel service? It's been developed by Google India and still in google labs for testing. You check it here: AND HERE It's similar to
  17. W

    SMS using Bluetooth

    hiiiiiii frns i m a nokia 5320 user..... I want to send SMS using Bluetooth to my frnds can any one help me as this phone has new OS and it is not supporting many popular software....... can any one give me links to any such software and others toooo... thanks in advance....
  18. Quiz_Master

    Google SMS Channels

    A week ago I noticed google's new service in India - Google SMS Channels. Its a lot like SMSGupShup. Dunno what are these? OK, so basically what you do is you create a group or channel and invite people by entering their e-mail or mobile number (they must be indian residents) and if they...
  19. G

    SMS Groups ...

    Hii friends ... I was wondering how many websites are there which offer the Free SMS service. Like ... say you create groups and then members of that group receive free messages. Two such website I know are: and . Please share if you know any more websites.
  20. s18000rpm

    Airtel : Unsubscribing from SMS Joke service

    very irritating situation. All of a sudden i'm getting these SMS Joke from Airtel. i didnt activate it, when i called Airtel CC, they said that someone else (on my phone) must have subscribed it, but nobody except me uses my mobile, as i'm alone in my home, & my friends dont do these craps...
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