1. T

    Google SMS Channels: Send SMS Text Messages to your Group for Free

    Google India has just introduced a new product called Google SMS Channels that lets you subscribe to news alerts, blog updates and other kinds of information like horoscopes, jokes, stocks or even cricket scores via SMS text messages. If you are based in India and like to subscribe to this...
  2. pritish_kul2

    How can i get alerts on bomb blasts?

    Is there a site which provides bomb alert....dat means whenever a bomb blast happen...thn i get a SMS on my mobile??
  3. ajayritik

    Which site to send SMS to US for free?

    Is there any website using which we can send SMS to USA for free. I tried couple of them from the google results but none of them is working. Does anyone know about any site which offers this service?
  4. Tanmay Satpathy

    Vodafone GPRS Settings for MotoQ

    Hi, Recently I got a connection from Vodafone. I have activated Vodafone Live by sending a SMS "ACT VL" to 111 One guy from Vodafone confirmed the activation and told me to send another sms "VL" to 52586 to get the settings. After sending the SMS I can browse the net from my N95-2...
  5. A

    Nokia PC Suite problem

    Hi Yesterday i downloaded the latest version of nokia pc suite Today my BSNL Student SIM got activated Everything is working in Nokia PC Suite but the problem is i am unable to send SMS The SMS is stored in the Outbox and when i disconnect the phone the SMS's that i have written is sent...
  6. bukaida

    Sms gateway through php

    I want the sms functionality in my website.Not a traditional one but in a bit different way-- The SMS gateway should be able to identify the sender number, message and sending time. These information should be stored in a mysql database so that they can be used by other php programs. I am...
  7. A

    motorola sms problem

    :wink:well i am having motorola V3i black edition problem:confused: is that it can only store only abt 50 sms and that is too less there any solution to it.???:confused: Akshat
  8. S

    SMS problem

    My friend has a Airtel Connection (prepaid) on his Nokia 6600 cell phone, few days back he is not able to send any SMS from his phone he can make a call though. We tried to put the SIM card in my cell and the same problem occurs. We even tried to contact customer care "123" but the connection is...
  9. J

    SMS groups!

    Many of us have owned or joined online sms groups which sends free sms abt a specific topic to you handset. I think this thread can be used for infos about such sms groups. Join My sms group about technology :- Technomob To join .. Visit or send JOIN...
  10. C

    SMS Backup

    I have many SMS in my N72. I want to take backup of these. Is there any Web site where I can synchronize the SMS? I tried and There is no option to sync the SMS. Please help.
  11. S

    How To Send Sms From The Site

    Hi Everyone, I want to know how can i send sms through a domain i want use my domain for this i don't want to visit to any other site....for example If some one register on the site i want to send a verfication to there mobile through sms from my domain i'll be using asp for this....or i...
  12. K

    Cheapest SMS to India.

    I'm tired of getting shouted at by my parents for draining the balance from our mobile. Is there a cheaper online service to send SMS to Indian numbers, than from cell phones? Skype charges more than what Airtel charges. And those who offer free SMS either put ADs or make it mandatory for...
  13. Cool G5

    SMS code : Which displays a report on the sender's phone??

    I have heard about a code, which when affixed after an sms displays a message on sender's cell after the recipient opens/reads the sms. The code is not visible to the recepient. I want that code.
  14. skghosh44

    Free SMS from PC to Mobile

    For sending SMS from PC to any mobile in india is possible by BSNL's dialup connection, but now a dyas dialup connection is dying and peoples are switching to DataOne connection. Through Dataone I think there is no facility to send SMS. As far as I know In the other Yahoo messenger has facility...
  15. IllegalUser

    Help me guys !!

    Hii guys, i need your help. One of my friend activated some service in my cell phone and i am recieveing sms like hell. he sms ACTto this number 094992222223 and thus the service got activated. If any of the fellow digitians know how to deactive this service.. please help me out. Looking...
  16. T

    sms help

    hi can any one tell me the site from where i can send free sms
  17. max_demon

    Anyone Wants to Recieve free funny messages in their mobile ?

    Hi , I have Created a Nice Group Named Hypeers in SMS GUPSHUP . If You are intrested you can pm me your phone numbers so that i can add you . Or send SMS JOIN Hypeers and Send it to 567673434 or you can directly join by useing this link . You will...
  18. Ecko

    Send Free SMS Worldwide by Orkut

    Google's Orkut Beta is trying everything new these days recently they launched Apps & now they are looking forward for skins But lets get onto the topic Mycantos has developed application to provide free SMS facility to all Orkut users So u can now send free SMS worldwide by Orkut not only to...
  19. gary4gar

    Unethical Pratices by Service provider(Vodafone)

    Hi, I am very pissed off with Vodafone. They are charge just anything in name of Value added services. Case 1: Got a Promotional SMS few weeks back That participate in contest by answering a simple Question. Charges Rs.6 per SMS. i did. a sms Came in reply "Service is Down at the monent...
  20. brokenheart

    SMS Lingo

    Heya! Howz u?hope u r f9. n kp smilin, tc. How often do you find people exchanging pleasantries in this manner? whether it's all right to converse in the so-called "SMS lingo" ..?? Wats ur take...??
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