1. wewe

    Auto Forward SMS As WhatsApp Message Instantly

    how can 1 automatically forward a SMS as a WhatsApp message instantly [Android Phone]? my OTP are sent on a number whose Carrier Service does not offer Network coverage in many areas i visit. so, currently i leave that SIM with someone at home. When OTP received, they call & tells OTP. often...
  2. Paavni Sethi

    Did anyone use the Microsoft SMS organizer?

    I deleted it the moment it asked for access to my OTPs/sensitive information in SMSes. I still think I need a SMS organiser to delete waste SMSes like OTPs etc. Any suggestions?
  3. topgear

    Reliance CDMA and 4G Migration Woes

    I'm from Reliance Kolkata CDMA Circle. CDMA service stopped on 24th May .. Now I've one ages old Reliance CDMA phone [ Nokia 2112 ] - 10 years and still kicking :D It has In built / Non removable SIM card or It's a Operator locked phone. Anyway, you can't put a sim card into this phone. Now...
  4. patkim

    SMS Delivery report related query

    I find that the SMS Delivery Report is not received if the recipient's phone is Off for some time due to which the delivery is delayed. In such case I thought that the delivery report might be received late (when recipient's phone is switched on and active on network and does receive that SMS)...
  5. patkim

    Frequently receiving missed call alert like sms from a number

    On my mobile number last 2 days I have received over a dozen SMSs from a particular number. The SMS Reads exactly as 'Hi, I tried calling you. Please call back when you are free' I made a mistake of calling back that number first time when it happened. The person at the other end did not...
  6. mitraark

    Cheapest Nokia phone Whatsapp Unilimited SMS and Micro SD

    Looking for a sturdy Nokia phone which supports WHatsapp, has Unlimited SMS memory ( My Nokia 108 only let store 200 messages ) and has a Micro SD Slot. Have the Nokia 220 in mind but no mention of support for Whatsapp :(
  7. Xai

    SMS Issue: Nexus 4 Android 5 Vodafone

    Hello All, I recently updated Nexus 4 to Android 5.0 (and currently Android 5.1). After the update, I am no longer able to send SMS, but am able to receive SMS from others. Factory reset did not solve the issue. Updated the SMSC number, but that also did not solve the issue. Upgraded to...
  8. C

    Wordpress Login Error due to 2-Step Auth

    At first, I created a wordpress account. Then, enabled 2-Step Authentication via Google Authenticator on Android. Then, it worked well. But, I deleted my app. After that, I tried using one of the 10 backup codes to login, but they all failed. I also re-installed the app, but the codes are not...
  9. S

    IFTTT not working with Airtel? Need solution or alternative

    Hi, I am trying to set up a mechanism on my android phone so that if I get an sms of event detail, it will add it to my calendar. On searching the net, I found that originally Google had this facility in the US but it was discontinued. However, it appears that there are services like IFTTT...
  10. S

    Getting unwanted Calls

    I am getting annoying pre recorded message as unwanted calls everytime even after i am registered to DND. I tried calling 1909 and even sending SMS but sms aint getting accepted and calls are getting cancelled. How do i stop or complain to them.
  11. Allu Azad

    All India Radio launches free SMS news service

    All India Radio launches free SMS news service | NDTV Gadgets
  12. B

    SMS marketing cost

    How much would it cost to buy special series of numbers for SMS marketing like the ones in FAB series? Rough figure anyone?
  13. bkpeerless

    Any closed messaging service like Blackberry messenger on nokia c7

    I am looking for a sms apps that would alloy me to chat and read sms like in blackberry.. do anyone know any such apps.. Whats aps and others uses internet.. I dont want internet based apps
  14. ajayritik

    Need android app to back up SMS from Optimus to Note2 without replacing the existing SMS

    Guys I posted this couple of times infact more in the android thread but it didn't help. I have some SMS in my LG Optimus Net which I would want to move to my new Phone Galaxy Note 2. I don't want the existing SMS in Note 2 to be replaced when I move my older SMS. I tried with couple of apps...
  15. ramakanta

    Samsung mobile - Auto

    In my Dual SIM Samsung Mobile , whenever I changed a SIM Card it Automatically Send SMS to a number 912727852712131333 . After that I have received a deliver SMS conformation from a number +918527121333. It also deduct my balance . why this happens ?? :confused:
  16. A

    Branded (non-touchscreen) phone around 10k

    Hi Guys, i need to buy a phone in the budget of 10k for my dad. Issue is, he hates touch screens and wont use it. so i am left out with options of QWERTY or Normal keypad phones. He only uses phone for calls and sms. As he is a businessman, so i need something that looks costly and is branded...
  17. A

    Budget mobile with excellent loudspeaker and dual sim

    looking for a Budget mobile with excellent loudspeaker- i want 2 avoid listening with the mobile in my ears as its harmful hence looking for a mobile with an excellent loudspaeaker -simple mobile with only sms facility-dual sim is an added requirement if possible but not essential
  18. mitraark

    Vodafone recharge failed

    I recharged Rs 38 on Vodafone with Paytm ( 500 SMS for 30 Days ) and I received a message that "Recharge Successful, 500 SMS valid till []" , (there was no date written, just '[]' ), and i am still being charged Re 1 per SMS. This is not the first time i used Paytm, but the first time i am...
  19. R

    Sony Tipo Dual- Network problem

    Recently i bought a Sony Tipo Dual Sim Android Phone. I had only one sim (airtel) in use at that time. Day before yesterday i bought a new sim (airtel), which took two days to get activated. Till these two days i could use my old sim for making calls and sms, but today as my new sim got...
  20. Y

    How to send free sms (whatsapp?)

    am a newbie. is there anyway to send free sms texts using any app in android? does whatsapp require the reciever to have installed the whatsapp application inorder to send sms to them? any other app that doesnt require anything for the reciever?
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