1. Krazzy Warrior

    Google SMS for your phone

    This is a quite easy way to get information for those who don't have internet connection in their mobile(just like me) and want instant information such as that for Railway, PNR, Cricket Score and so on..I found it quite handy when i'm not in home and want some information..The biggest thing is...
  2. vasulic

    Group SMS phone

    Group SMS phone ( No ONE TO ANS ME?) Hi Guys, I have 6 groups each consists of 50 to 60 members. I need a low priced mobile phone to send sms to these groups almost daily. Can any one suggest me a error free mobile phone which serves the purpose.
  3. desiibond

    anyone coming to gtug and merawindows launch party?

    guys. am at google blr to atteng session on cloud computing. anyone here? sms to 9663533644 if u r attending this or merawindows launch party
  4. naveen_reloaded

    New Scam on the Rise - Beware

    We used to get so many mails with the heading ” You won the lottery … ” , ” Confidential : I have xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx $ …. ” , ” You have be chosen .. ” , Etc . When they first came into action , many innocent people fell into their trap and lost thousands. Today i wanted everyone to know that there...
  5. din

    Vodafone 'UNLIMITED GPRS' for a month - Rs.95 but cap of 50 MB !!!

    I was checking Vodafone site for more details. For prepaid customers. Recharge with Rs 95 & get unlimited free browsing on your mobile phone for 30 days. sms BONUS 95 to 144 to activate the pack. Note: Maximum usage of 50MB applicable. Vodafone website Link /Din checking...
  6. M

    Send Free SMS upto 440 Characters Long [India Only]

    Send Free SMS upto 440 Characters Long [India Only] Hi all, Just Stumbled upon a site which enables users to Send Free SMS to all Indian GSM and CDMA Mobile Numbers. This site is actually the free version of You can send upto 440 Characters SMS for free...
  7. H

    Best mobile plan for student ???

    which is the best plan...he is in kerala....he will make local calls and sms.....std calls and sms will be only to one airtel number in pls suggest the best plan...
  8. sandeepkochhar

    Multimedia Phone with Hindi SMS

    Hi! One of my friends need a good capable multimedia phone (MP3,2 mp or 3.2 mp camera, FM, and other standard goodies) along with capability of sending Hindi SMS. I am finding it very hard to get any data on it. One phone that seems to be having all these stuff is LG GM200 phone recently...
  9. D

    Which mobile connection should i go for

    I want to buy a new mobile connection. i live in Karnataka. Which is the best one to buy with lots of free sms.
  10. Sumeet_naik

    Airtel Withdraws Airtel Online.

    Below is the SMS I recieved from Airtel today: This is a very stupid move by greedy airtel to earn money. They customers care isn't like it used to be, then the Fair Usage policy and now they're withdrawing airtel online which is the only offer which helps people stay connected on-the-move...
  11. S

    please suggest a Cheapest camera phone

    hi i am looking for a basic camera phone around 4k, Basically it should have maximun SMS storage FM and mobile tracker. Thnks
  12. arunks

    How to send bulk sms?

    I want to send bulk sms eg. 2000 sms in one go .. What is the cheap option.. Mundusms is offering 6000sms for Rs.900 but only 100 sms can be sent in one go. Airtel sms gateway is too costlier..5000 rs. for 5000 sms.. So is there any other option? is there any other sms gateway or server or...
  13. anish_sha

    Free SmS to AUS,UK and UAE

    can any1 tell me a website or software from which i can send free sms to mobiles in AUS, Uk, and uae...
  14. Bookworm

    Do you get funny SMS from BSNL??

    Do you get funny messages from BSNL?? I got few days back, I am writing the exact message, 8 hours to go. Get a chance to win BIGCASH today! Play n Win Just get maximum scores, Q> What is the Language of Gujrat? A) Gujarati B) French SMS A to 57272. Rs 2/sms. :grin::grin: Another one got...
  15. kool

    muZZic phone under Rs.6000

    muZZic phone under Rs.6K, {NOKIA 5130XM} hi guyz, From last 3 year i m using NOKIA 3230 now i want2 change my cellphone with good music phone with large SMS memory with backup facility of contacts and sms!! I'm heavy sms user, not interested in camera. so plz tell me which one best among...
  16. J

    Internet to Mobile SMS

    Are you looking for Internet to Mobile SMS. Here you can send sms on mobile without of any cost. Visit this site and send sms to your relatives and friends worldwide.
  17. Ganeshkumar

    Will my sms get stored in Network server??

    Hi all :):) This is for my friend. His friend comitted sucide. :( :( To know the exact reason of the sucide, they need to know the sms conversation from his no. I just need to know, whether sms text gets stored in our network server ?? If it gets stored, hopefully they must give us, if we...
  18. sude

    HTC P3400i Problems!!!! SMS / NETWORK n other probs!! plz help..

    dear DFU's, one of m friend bought a HTC P3400i handset based on Windows Mobile 6. Today, december 31 is the 3rd day and it has already started giving probs... did any of the user feel or face the same while using this handset?? what did u do?? please jot down here... he is really at...
  19. Ron

    Required:' SMS

    Guys, I want some gud sms . So plz list some gud sites for it. thnks
  20. raksrules

    MKV support on PS2. Will it be feasible ?

    I have a PS2 and use SMS Media player (loading off a CD) to play Divx/Xvid videos, MP3 and photos off a USB stick. I was just wondering whether there is a possibility of PS2 (or for that matter a software player like SMS player) getting MKV support. AFAIK MKV is no new codec but just a...
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