1. G

    Fast Smart phone whit Good SMS facilities

    Dear All, I need a very good mobile/smartphone which have good sms capabilities, backup sms to computer, large phonebook, large sms storage, fast working, allow one contact to be added in more than one group, good application support. I would prefer a mobile with camera more than 3mp and with...
  2. avichandana20000

    Mobile Number Portability

    vodafone is launching MNP tomorrow all over INDIA. anyone wish to avail VODAFONE SERVICE without sacrificing his/her current mobile number(of any operator) can join vodafone family. You only have to give an SMS to 1900 like this : PORT<space>Mobile No You will get a code after SMS which...
  3. J

    No SMS language

    Nobody should use SMS language in the forum. make this a rule.
  4. P

    suggest cheap and best music phone, with sms friendly and long battery

    Friends what are your suggestions, here is the requirements display minimum 2 inch good music quality with good wired headset must be SMS friendly because use it for frequent texting long battery life
  5. soyab0007

    sms backup

    is there any java based sms backup software or online service to backup sms..
  6. V

    Gift a new Sim to your friend(or your girl)-BSNL new Plan!

    BSNL this festival season has introduced a new prepaid plan titled as 'Pyari Jodi' or ' En Nanban'(in Tamil) a scheme where unlimited calls can be made from your mobile to your Landline. You can also chose two BSNL number for Friends and Family scheme (one number must be landline) where charges...
  7. B

    Any suggestion to syce my iPhone sms backup to PC and keep

    I once come across the problem that my iPhone rejects receiving new SMS but all the SMS are so important that I don't want to delete them. So I simply need to backup your iPhone SMS onto computer or print them or transfer to another iPhone? Here I am looking for a way on how to transfer your...
  8. Q

    SMS alert

    SMS alert to Mobile How do u send an SMS alert to mobile phone whenever u receive an email... Can this be done with php?
  9. S

    How to be an SMS reseller?

    Hi Guys, This is Prasan from Bangalore. My company needs to start an SMS reselling business by purchasing bulk SMS capacity from a telecom operator like AirTel, Vodafone or Tata Indicom which will be used for futher reselling. Do any of you have an idea how to go about that? What are the...
  10. Charley

    Export Contacts & Sms from Nokia 5800 XM to PC

    I want to Export Contacts & Sms from Nokia 5800 XM to PC. Is there any software to do it ?
  11. gagan007

    Send Free SMS Using GPRS

    Hi Guys, I have searched for the same topic in this forum but found link to mig33 only. Which is actually not free to use. I have been using Mobile Rediff for over a year now and it helps me sending unlimited sms to any Indian mobile number free of cost (offcourse you have to pay up for the...
  12. T

    digit voucher help

    i send my digit lucky no. and i win course at but i don't know how to get started as someone deleted my sms in mobile. help me! :sad: ---------- Post added at 01:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:42 PM ---------- email me at
  13. T

    how to read sms on pc

    I want to find a sms from my iphone, but there are so many sms in my iphone. So I want to read it on pc. Is there a way can help me? ———————————————— PS: I have read one way on Tutorial for iPhone software

    Bulk sms providers..

    Frnds I need a bulk sms provider in Delhi NCR for my company promotion. So, plz suggest if you have any idea about it. I need high priority, method of delivery and low rates. If anybody using it or have any idea plz share ur comments.
  15. a_to_z123

    Bulk SMS Provider in India

    Friends, My uncle has a coaching centre and he wants to send updates through SMS to all the students about the schedule of the classes and other promotional purposes. I would like to know about some trusted, good and cheap Bulk SMS service providers in India. It is urgent please help!
  16. G

    How to send/read sms though cell from PC

    I have a k810i phone...which comes with a usb cable i actually want to develop a program in vb or anything...jus to read the incoming sms messages of my phone to pc to be displayed in turn i also want to send sms back from px though mobile connected in usb port i tried...
  17. P

    Saving SMS from phone on the computer.

    Hey guys, is there a way i can transfer my sms from my phone (Sony Erricsson k810i). My inbox is all filled up, 970 txts, and i cannot receive anymore txts.
  18. panacea_amc

    Nokia 7210 problem

    hello, i own a nokia 7210. it is recently showing an error when i try to open my sms inbox- ""Message storage memory not ready"...also, i cant send any sms or am i receiving any sms. i tried switch it off-on: but no help. even i reset factory settings: it also didnt help.. however, i can make...
  19. H

    Best prepaid connection for me ???

    hi..i live in kerala..currently have a docomo connection..but i was thinking about getting another one.. i make STD call to only one number to my friend in Rajasthan maybe 1 or 2 or max 3 calls in a month.. can be a bit long.. then i will make few local calls also..not a soo heavy user..nd SMS s...
  20. S

    Google SMS Channels

    I am not getting any SMS from Google SMS Channels since 01/01/210. Any body else facing the same difficulty? Please help..
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