1. kool

    ►► AIRTEL cheaters..!! They deducted my money w/o my knowledge..!! check screenshots.

    Hi guys, I felt my Rs.15 has been deducted, so i just sent "LAST" for my last 5 transaction to 121. And they replied that i've sent 3 MMS @ Rs.5 per MMS. I have never sent MMS in my entire life, i use Whatsapp, Nimbuzz only for sharing pics. To my surprise the numbers they are showing are not...
  2. R

    Sms retrieving

    I accidently deleted an important sms from my samsung star duos b7722 on bada os.Is there any software to retrieve the deleted sms? Sent from galaxy s3
  3. V

    100 SMSes a day cap again imposed

  4. RCuber

    LTE query..

    I read this in Airtel 4G LTE FAQ.. AFAIK LTE supports Voice calls .. can anyone put some light on this?
  5. kool

    ►► Long SMS more than 160 charcters fails to send in MMX A100. Guys, how to solve that?

    Hi guys... I'm facing two major problem in Micromax A100 1) If i sent more than 160+ character sms, it always fails with exclamation marks. My frnds receive only broken sms or half. How to solve that? :twisted: 2) Recorded image/vids are inverted always transferring to PC. During clicking...
  6. H

    Help needed to develop an android app

    Hey friends, I am developing an finance organizer android app, which will read bank sms and add transaction based on these sms. For optimizing the code i need to know all type of msgs bank send for bank,debit card,atm,credit card transaction etc. so i need these msgs and you can help me by...
  7. avichandana20000

    Intruder alert

    My pc is in shutdown status. and i am not in my home(SAY OFFICE). Now if someone starts up my pc and breaks the password somehow and logs in, i want to be alerted immediately by a SMS in my mobile that intrusion happens. Any idea how to do that?
  8. mohityadavx

    free cricket/football sms updates

    Hey I hope you must have heard Now the site offer RSS + sms combo for Indian user but i am able to get a new post update only via the site's rss feed like espncricinfo etc can anybody tell me how to take out the scorecard's rss feed so that I could get the update for free :D...
  9. ssk_the_gr8

    Govt bans bulk SMSes to quell rumour-mongering for 15 days

    Govt bans bulk SMSes to quell rumour-mongering - Yahoo! News India Government said that one should not be able to send sms to more than 5 people at once but it seems private telcos are taking advantage of this and limiting subscribers to 5 sms per day which is ridiculous. I've heard BSNL is...
  10. rider

    How to get rid of spam SMSs?

    Heyy, friends. I'm having BSNL Prepaid SIM that I'm using right now, the problem is it gets many spam messages from shops to sell their products. What should I do, please don't recommend me SMS blocker because they use different IDs everytime. I know about DND services but after texting START...
  11. I

    How to transfer msgs from Nokia to Android?

    Hello frnds! I want to transfer all my msgs from Nokia 701 to HTC Sensation.. But unable to do.. Pls. help me out.. I tried this guide - Guide : Transfer all SMS from a Nokia Symbian Smartphone to Android Smartphone this converter makes the xml file of all the sms (but it was only...
  12. speedyguy

    Help: Android stops music playback on SMS alerts

    A small sms alert will "pause" my music playback. Its annoying when im on the go and have to re-play music every time some alerts pop-up. Its not just sms, even email, facebook etc alerts impact the same. Normally it should pause, play the alert and resume but that doesn''t happen. I have...
  13. balakrish

    Device to send SMS from PC.

    Hi friends! I know there are multiple ways to send sms.for ex: way2sms or some other software. But my doubt is different, I just want a device which has the port to GSM SIM card, after connected to pc it should send and receive sms from my pc. If its USB supported it will be...
  14. aaruni

    Backing up mobile data

    Hey guys, can you please suggest me a way to backup all my mobile data (contacts, sms, etc. not music, photos, etc). I use a Sony Ericcson Cedar J108i.
  15. aaruni

    Texting while roaming

    Hey All, My friend is leaving bangalore today and going someplace north. Will roaming costs apply on his phone when he texts back? In bangalore he has a sms pack which gives a hundred or so free sms in a day. Please reply as he will be in a train for 9 days and we only chat to spend...
  16. vetdrchandan

    SMS Tracker

    Hey guys can you help me finding any Free SMS tracking software for android. I tried SMS Tracker ( Tipsy and more but all are wanting money after few days. So can any one knows any free software for sms tracking available for Android. I only want to Track SMS nothing else...
  17. S

    [APP]Free SMS sender for Anroid...!

    [APP]Free SMS sender for Android....! Free SMS messaging for Czech, India and other countries with cool themes. Application sends free SMS messages via web gateways/pages to numbers in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and India, including the possibility of cheap worldwide messages. Features...
  18. balakrish

    SMS gateway

    Hi friend! I wanna create my own online sms site. But I stuck with something. That is, i got an open source gateway called kannel But what I want to know is,what are the key ingredients for an online sms service. I mean the stuff i want to create online sms-ing service. Do i have to have a deal...
  19. ax3

    Send sms using email ! ! !

    How does one send sms to any mobile providers using email ???
  20. ajai5777

    List the Apps you use in your android phone

    Mine: Model : Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Applications I use : Facebook for android Youtube SMS lock Fx camera Barcode scanner SMS Backup+ Scientific calculator CallRecorder Adobe reader Androzip Astro file manager MX video player eBuddy Android Assistant Opera Mobile
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