Vodafone 'UNLIMITED GPRS' for a month - Rs.95 but cap of 50 MB !!!

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I was checking Vodafone site for more details.

For prepaid customers.

Recharge with Rs 95 & get unlimited free browsing on your mobile phone for 30 days.
sms BONUS 95 to 144 to activate the pack.

Note: Maximum usage of 50MB applicable.

Vodafone website Link

/Din checking dictionary.com for the meaning of the word - 'Unlimited'


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Not bad if you have a phone only usage. The more the better but for me 50 MB in a month is sufficient cos I already have net connection at home.


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If it has a limit of 50MB then how does it qualify as unlimited? :???::confused: However I agree that for internet access through mobile phone, 50MB is sufficient in a month.


/Din checking dictionary.com for the meaning of the word - 'Unlimited'

i think the word unlimited meant for uninterrupted internet for a month without any down times every two days like in the broadband


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50 MB unlimited plan.... wow that's funny!! It ain't unlimited if there's a cap. Anyway 50 MB is way too less and I am not talking about tethering that would inflate it exponentially.


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Ask Vodafone to shove the plan up their British Arse.. what the hell were they thinking while introducing this damn plan...


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BSNL gprs is much better....... u reacharge with 99/- and ACTUAL UNLIMITED gprs for one month...... its good enuf for stayin online on the move and checking mails n all

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I would say it should atleast have 3GB DL/Month. Even 50MB is less for mobile torrenters like me.


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50 mb is less.. a 100 or 150 would have been lot better. i have a net connection in home ...still i feel 50 mb in mob is not good enough.


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This plan is good actually.
In Karnataka/Bangalore we pay Rs.249/month and no free usage!
So which is better?
I hope they launch this Bonus Card in Bangalore too.. :|
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I have a 500MB Airtel plan (postpaid).... I seldom cross 500MB, sufficient for most months!! 50MB is a joke.


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this is stupidity to core...

wht are these a$$holes thinking?

50 MB / month....?

dude its not even 2 MB a day ....

this is crap...

i am better with airtel and i spent 0 ruppes using my own hack for free gprs..... and i download more than 50 a day...
(dont pm me for the hack trick )
s()ck that u greeedy retarded networks
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