How to send bulk sms?

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Hey here is the aks
I want to send bulk sms eg. 2000 sms in one go ..
What is the cheap option..
Mundusms is offering 6000sms for Rs.900 but only 100 sms can be sent in one go.

Airtel sms gateway is too costlier..5000 rs. for 5000 sms..

So is there any other option?
is there any other sms gateway or server or website or anything?

Sms are to be sent in INDIA only...

Plz help ..


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Activate Airtel sms plan in which you have to pay 5ors, and you will be charged only 2pise/sms. This way you will be charged only 150rs for 5000sms.

To send bulk sms via your phone, if your mobile supports PC Suite, then use nokia communication center to send bulk sms.

unfortunately these messages should be interstate messages only
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