1. Zangetsu

    SMS Transfer to Android OS

    I m buying a new Android phone soon. but just wanna clear my doubts on this. I have precious sms backed up in .NBU format (using Nokia PC Suite). Is it possible to Transfer all the symbian backup SMS to Android phone?
  2. funskar

    mb back panel missing

    mods as i don't know were to post thread .. plz forgive me.. i bought this gigabyte z68xp-ud4 motherboard from this guy here.. And recieved it yesterday from dtdc courier .. As...
  3. 6Diablo9

    Blacklist option in your Cellphone.

    I started this thread to know how does Blacklist option in different phones work. For example : What happens when a blacklisted number gives you a call? What happens when a blacklisted numbers sends you an sms? Lastly do you use any applications to Blacklist any nos.? I use a Micromax...
  4. Charley

    DeActivate OutGoing International Calls & Sms

    I want to block outgoing International calls & outgoing international sms on my Vodafone number. Should I contact Vodaofone or use the handset settings ?
  5. V

    Now select Fancy or Normal BSNL number using SMS

    Now you can select a premium or normal GSM number using SMS. A unique initiative by BSNL How to select Fancy or Normal BSNL number using SMS
  6. A

    SMS stored on sim ??

    hi all i own a defy and want to transfer my old sms from my sim to phone but just cant figure out a way..pls help..
  7. Krow

    Can't send SMS in Android

    Where are all the message settings? I have not been able to send smses since last night. I tried setting the SMS centre from *#*#4636#*#* and it worked the last few times I tried that. But this time even that is not working The customer service exec as usual said that disable reply via same...
  8. C

    TRAI Increases Daily SMS Limit to 200

    SOURCE - TRAI Increases Daily SMS Limit to 200 in India
  9. Garbage

    Indian Railways Launches Real Time Train Tracking Service–Simran

    Source - Indian Railways Launches Real Time Train Tracking Service–Simran
  10. Cool G5

    Nokia 5700

    My Nokia 5700 suddenly displayed "no messages" in inbox,my folder,drafts etc today when I booted the phone. The phone even sent a blank sms when I compiled & sent a sms. The sms preview though displayed the message I typed but on opening it was blank. What can I do to restore them? I don't know...
  11. baiju

    BSNL GPRS Balance

    To know the bsnl data usage you can try the following. Got sms from bsnl on this. Dial *124*4# for 2g and 3g plans. or send sms "DATA 2G" for 2G and "DATA 3G" for 3G plans to 53733. Also, balance data if any available is carried over when you recharge next time.:-)
  12. Zangetsu

    SMS using Bluetooth...

    Hi Guys, Is it possible to send SMS using bluetooth in symbian s60 v5 using any app or by default :?:
  13. kool

    Apps for Nokia 5800 (SMS locker & Export)

    Guys, I want these apps for my Nokia 5800. Can anybody tell me the best s/w for my nokia 5800..?? 1) SMS locker (I want to make my GF's sms private in my cell like SAMSUNG mobile has) 2) SMS export in TEXT or HTML format (Like SMS diary for s60 v3 devices has) 3)Some useful apps like...
  14. S

    how to send sms to mobile phone

    Hi Mates, Im a new user of this site like to introduce with u all. Can any mate help me to send sms to my friends mobile phone by Internet?
  15. rahul_c

    Alternate Data Card Software

    I am using unlocked IDEA Net Setter (Huawei E1550) and the default software used for connecting is very annoying. I have tried MDMA but it misses out on essential features like SMS and contacts managing, is there any other similar software to monitor data usage, manage contacts & check messages?
  16. LegendKiller

    Shocking Sms storage limit in Wave2

    :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock: i bought this phone today for my sis and was shocked to learn that it has a message sms storage limit of 1300 I mean i have been a nokia user forever and i never encountered this nomadic message storage limit ever.... So i never...
  17. R

    Software to send SMS

    BSNL LINK one of my friend used to use Sancharnet Bulk sms sender/SMS sender to send SMS , but now he shifted to BSNL broadband , [30 ps /sms] Can any1 suggest me a software to send SMS via internet cheap or free thank u edit i hope this is the write section to post
  18. M

    Nos. 4 Bulk SMS

    This may sound stupid but i really need help/advice!!!! ..... I plan to start a bulk sms service in a small population town ... and i was wondering how to acquire all or maybe half of the phone numbers living in that town to send an ads of some kind.. will the operators be willing to sell this...
  19. K

    your take on the new Anti Spam policy from TRAI?

    I know most of you people will say its just a waste of time and effort, but still. As you must be know TRAI is going through a process of registering the marketing companies so they they will get a specific number from which we will get those SPAM SMSes if we are not in Do Not Disturb (DND)...
  20. ithehappy

    Tata Docomo weird SMS issue! Help Needed

    Hi, I've recently taken a new Tata Docomo connection. My number is 89616-XXXXX and I am from Kolkata. I mainly use this to send SMS, but there are weird issues I am noticing.. 1- Delivery Report coming Late, after 5-6 mins If you send a SMS the message delivers instantly but sometimes, say...
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