Airtel Withdraws Airtel Online.

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Below is the SMS I recieved from Airtel today:
We are withdrawing Airtel Online service wef 5th May '09. After 5th May, Enjoy seamless Internet on your phone at just 30p/50kb, SMS VBC ACTV to 222(Toll Free)

This is a very stupid move by greedy airtel to earn money. They customers care isn't like it used to be, then the Fair Usage policy and now they're withdrawing airtel online which is the only offer which helps people stay connected on-the-move at proper price. (Its pricing in Karnataka being 5Rs per day and 99Rs per month).

I think its time for another petiton.

Source- as mentioned from the SMS they sent.


Guess it's something to do with browsing through the mobile phone. It's not too fast anyway, you're better off with a wired broadband connection.


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Here in hyd, we dont have any such offers..we have mobile office which is 20/day and airtel live 30kb/20p


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Airtel is racing towards becoming a (unt of misery.

What is Airtel Online???? :oops:

Airtel basically offers two kind of GPRS service(excluding BB):

Airtel Online : A GPRS service to surf net through mobile mostly WAP site. But browsers like Opera can be used to surf HTML sites.

Mobile Office: Its GPRS with EDGE, mobile can double up as a modem plus you can configure your mobile email client for iMAP, POP3 or MS Exchange service.


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Airtel Online/Mobile Office was withdrawn in Hyderabad on Dec1st 2008 which was very handful at Rs15 per day. The 30p/50KB is the only scheme available now.


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They are not doing this just for the sake of money...!
They need to keep in mind the network utilization also....
When Millions of new subscribers are getting added to the network every month, their networks will be clogged and voice clarity will deteriorate if Data Services are not controlled!


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^^^ On the contrary they want revenues from VAS to go up. Since call charges incl. roaming has dropped considerably (thanks to TRAI).
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