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  • first of all sorry for the late reply. I was busy.
    Yup! my recommendation goes for Redhat since it has tons of job opportunities.
    CCNS is also recommendable but when you compare both,i will go for redhat. :)
    Hope you got it.
    Hi friend:).i have doubt.recenty,i talked to a comp institute guy and he told that i can only use my Hsc as qualification to enter it he gave me sum option to study in following dept-
    1)Lan linux rhce
    2)wan cisco ccna ccnt
    3)voip ip line mnc (said it the hot field nw)
    4)cloud computing virtualisation storage network(said its the most hot field nw)

    He said like this and i searched courses near my place,ie trivandrum i found this institute

    they are offering some courses like CCNS,CCSS and certification courses like redhat etc.So what should i choose?i think CCNS suits me coz it says hsc for qualification or should i do redhat as certification course?waiting for your reply :)
    So youre the rank holder in ur college?my sis is also studying c.s in T.N.jj arasar college,do u knw that college?
    Hey, what is ur opinion abt PGDCA,its 2 years,but is it better to get job than redhat?
    Ok,honestly i ddnt get the things you are saying:D {noob}i will search in my area about redhat.see you around and thank you:)
    Ok,honestly i ddnt get the things you are saying:D {noob}i will search in my area about redhat.see you around and thank you:)
    Hey among the courses you suggested,which course have a greater job oppurtunity?also i dont know about the basics bcoz i took biology in plus 2,so will there be problem?
    my pleasure :razz:
    yes you can. but just empty the cabinet and then spray repellent inside as well as outside. and let it try properly. ram modules are first to get affected by moisture usually.
    clean your cabinet and spray ant repelling spray on the cabinets interior. wait till it dries. now fix the pc parts again.

    for keyboard, wash it by removing keys. don't use any spray on keyboard. if by mistake you consume any, it can be extremely harmful for yourself.
    you better don't apply any kind of moisture based spray on your PC parts. it'll cause short circuit, settle down on the circuits and block the flow of current or even worse make the PC catch fire if the spray have aerosol or similar thing.
    Dude, ofcourse you will have to remove everything from the cabinet Everything means EVERYTHING. Motherboard, RAM, CPU, SMPS, DVD Drive, hard disks, and anything else I may have left.
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