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Hey friends,
I am developing an finance organizer android app, which will read bank sms and add transaction based on these sms. For optimizing the code i need to know all type of msgs bank send for bank,debit card,atm,credit card transaction etc.
so i need these msgs and you can help me by putting your bank sms here. you can remove your account numbers. just put XXXX on those places. any help will be appreciated.

here is the application if you wish to try, its still in beta phase and some buttons will not work, but its working fine for credit card transaction. no crashes observed on my phone. any feedbacks will be highly appreciated


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So you want Android users to rely on "Messages" to keep a tab on the transactions? I see a few problems here.

1. What if the format of messages change in meantime?
2. Not all messages gets to customers. For transaction smaller than a specified amount, sometimes banks don't send a confirmation message. What about that?


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1. That's why I am asking for all bank sms so that I can make general algorithm and will provide regular updates.
2. For the starters it better to get some transaction automated. As most of banks send end of day or end of week account balance, App will tally with it and notify for difference.
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