1. jkultimate

    [Praise] Corsair - Damn good service.

    All thanks to Kaizen service and Corsair. Both of the devices, my 2 GB RAM which is 5 years old, and my friend's 1 Week old PSU got replaced quickly, without any questions asked. The process was simple and smooth. In the case of ram, I gave to Kaizen, and they replaced it under 15 days and...
  2. B

    [Praise] Excellent Service Asus....as always !!!!

    Hi just wanted to share my experience with Asus Zenphone warranty. I was always skeptical in claiming warranty repairs for mobile phone as most of the time service center blames water damage and refuses warranty. This time I decided to take a chance with Asus as I had only 12 days left for my...
  3. P

    [Praise] Logitech RMA : Mouse | Lamington Road,Mumbai

    My mouse was defective (scroll button) since more than 3 months b/c the service centre address i got from Logitech Support (email + call on toll-free) was far away and the timings were too inconvenient. Anyway,i searched again b/c i wanted to find one in Lamington Road (i love the place :P)...
  4. bajaj151

    [Query] NZXT Service Center

    I want to RMA Nzxt Hue. PrimeAbgb not responding..
  5. P

    [Praise] Sandisk RMA : MicroSD Card | Online Request + Lamington Road,Mumbai

    arsenalfan001 posted f/b for Sandisk coincidentally while I came across my old microSD card. I noticed that it was inaccessible and filed for an RMA at Support Login It took about 2-3 days of email exchange (i had to send pictures and details about my purchase) due to a little delay from my...
  6. arsenalfan001

    [Praise] Sandisk RMA: Micro SD 32 GB Ultra

    The Sandisk 32 GB micro sd ultra card was purchased from Infibeam on 9th Septerber 2012. On 7th June, my mobile (Sony Xperia Z1 Compact running Kitkat 4.4) stopped detecting the card. After checking the card with couple of other mobiles, I raised a RMA request on their website. Within a day...
  7. bestpain

    [Query] procedure for sapphire rma

    my sapphire hd 7770 hangs sometimes while playing games....i had purchased it in april,13 is it under warranty? whom to contact for rma? is there any chance of getting better replacement gpu than 7770?
  8. S

    CPU will not power on with GPU connected

    So I was just browsing when suddenly my PC shut down for no reason whatsoever. I tried to restart and it won't boot, the cpu light will just flicker for a moment and nothing. So I followed the golden rule of removing a part one at a time to isolate the problem and I found that removing the GPU...
  9. T

    [Praise] MSI RMA Service Through Aforeserve

    MSI GTX 580 Twin Frozer ii/oc edition was giving bsod during gaming and showing artifacts during boot up like the attached pics. i contacted Aforeserve .Com Ltd through mail on 16/12/2014 for RMA . They arranged the pickup through BLUE DART courier. got the card back on 6th Jan 2015. it worked...
  10. iittopper

    [Complaint] Transcend horrible RMA

    So after 1 year of use , my transcend storejet 1 TB got damaged . After dozens of phone call to accel frontline and supertron electronic , i found tha accel handles Transcend hard disk RMA while supertron handles transcend pendrives . Went to nehru place , Delhi , to submit my HDD . The guy...
  11. adityak469

    CM Devastator MS2K Mouse(From CM Devastator Combo)

    For Sale Devastator MS2K Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Cooler Master Gaming » Products: Devastator Expected Price: Rs 650 Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from Snapdeal on 23-01-14 Reason for Sale: Upgrading, Color not matching (RMA guys sent another color), Need...
  12. gameranand

    [Query] Asus Motherboard RMA

    I am using Asus Maximus V Formula Motherboard which has several problems and I have to start the RMA process. I am living in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. Please tell me how long would this process take, also how to take precautions as I have read and heard that Asus has pretty damn BAD RMA service...
  13. ssdivisiongermany1933

    [Query] RMA for lenovo Wireless mouse

    I purchased lenovo wireless Mouse N100 from Amazon but now it has stopped working , return period has also gone beyond date and Iam not able to find contact for RMA for mouse at lenovo website .. Please help me to locate service center or support Number
  14. Revolution

    [Complaint] Bad RMA Service Of Kaizen Infoserve Kolkata for Corsair VX450W [ Solved ]

    My 4 years old Corsair VX450W went kaput so I submitter it at 16th December at Kaizen Kolkata. (NOTE: Kaizen Kolkata don't take any Corsair item without original bill) I called 3 timed in past 20 days but RMA process still under service. Today,7th January 2015 I called Kaizen,Kolkata and got...
  15. lovedonator

    Sapphire RMA

    I have a Sapphire Radeon 7950 and I'm having some trouble with it. Who handles Sapphire RMA in India?
  16. nomad47

    [Praise] Western Digital RMA

    Western Digital is known for quick and responsive customer care and in my case they have proved it again. RMA is a big factor why we suggest WD in our rig suggestions. Unfortunately my HDD started showing problems and I requested a RMA. The RMA was created instantly and the customer care even...
  17. bloodlife

    [Complaint] Razer DeathAdder 2013 RMA

    Company name: RAZER Product (be exact): Razer DeathAdder 2013 USB Optical Mouse Name of the distributor/service provider/dealer and location: FLIPKART Location: Bangalore Date of purchase: 13-12-2013 Description of problems faced and the incident: Mouse left-click button has become too...
  18. rhyansy

    MSI MB/VGA RMA Announcement (Aforeserve.com)

    I'm posting this message on behalf of MSI India's MB/VGA team. These changes apply ONLY for MSI MB/VGA RMA. This is regarding is the announcement of our new service operation through Aforeserve.com (Home) in India for MSI Motherboard / Graphic card. Process to claim warranty 1. By toll...
  19. U

    [Query] Gigabyte RMA Worries

    Hi Guys, I purchased the following components for upgrading my PC GB B85 D3H Mobo i5 4440 Corsair 4GB vengeance RAM I retained my SMPS(COrsair VX450W),GFX Card(GTX650),Sound card(Xonar DG) and cabby (Zebby peace) from my old build. Two days after assembling my new system my PC...
  20. J

    [Praise] MSI GPU RMA ~ 6850 to 7850

    My beloved MSI R6850 bit the dust after two years and I gave it for RMA on 5th may. They took a long time,but to my surprise they gave me a brand new HD 7850 on 4th June. The best part is that I gave them a 1gb version of the R6850. The 7850 they gave me is a 2gb version. :D Very happy with the...
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