1. W

    Pathetic After sales support & fraud behaviour by WD in India

    Recently I purchased a My Book 8TB Model from Tata Cliq based on good feedback from @Extreme Gamer who also got the same model but from Amazon. When I got the drive it seemed to be working fine but during my test run of copy pasting a few dozen GBs of data I found out a very serious flaw. The...
  2. TigerKing

    [Praise] Rashi Peripherals Pvt Ltd. quick RMA of SanDisk® MicroSD card

    Rashi Peripherals Pvt Ltd. B/221, 1st floor, Gambhir Industrial Estate, Behind Virwani Industrial Estate, Goregaon East, Mumbai - 400063 Timings - 10:00 AM till 5:30 PM Phone - 022-40431600, 022-40431604 Website - Ranked as No 1 Best IT Distributor in India-Rashi Peripherals Google Map - Google...
  3. iittopper

    [Praise] [Accel Frontline and Tirupati enterprise] Fast RMA for seagate HDD and seasonic psu

    Both my PSU Seasonic s12ii 520w and Seagate 1 TB was not working. For HDD, I located the centre in Nehru place, new Delhi and submitted my HDD. Within 3 days I receive the message that my Seagate replacement is shipped from Chennai and I received it in 2 days in my home. So the entire process...
  4. masterkd

    WD Cavier Green RMA query

    I bought one WD Green 2TB internal drive in Aug 2015. Recently the drive started causing problem. Sometimes when I am copying files to the drive it freezes and does not copy anything at all. It also causes the whole system to freeze as well. And sometimes the drive is not detected at all. Today...
  5. D

    [Query] How to ship a graphics card to the US for RMA

    Hi, I have a faulty Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury, which has been accepted for RMA. This product was gifted to me by relatives in the US, and so I plan to ship it back to them and have them ship it to Sapphire for the RMA. I am in possession of the the original invoice (in my relative's name) as...
  6. A

    [Query] How is Asus Motherboard RMA?

    I bought a motherboard(Z97-PRO(Wi-Fi ac) ) from Rashi locally around May 2014 and recently it started sgowing Q code 55 memory not installed.After having it checked by a local engineer i went to Rashi and they said they had to ship the board to Kolkata (i live in Patna) for repair and asked me...
  7. sohan_92

    [Query] Faulty Sandisk memory card.

    Hi, I purchased Sandisk Ultra 32 GB MicroSDHC Class 10 48 MB/s Memory Card on last March. But few days ago, it stopped working and showing unsupported format on mobile. So, I tested reading memory card through laptop which shows only 16MB capacity. So, i am trying to replace the card as it...
  8. K

    [Complaint] Gtx 780ti Hof Rma

    Hello, I'm from chennai.. I purchased 780 ti hof model from galaxy brand. I dont know how many of you people know about this brand or even does it exist in india. galaxy products were handled by TAG(technology and gadgets). Only 6 branches all over india headquartered in mumbai. So coming to...
  9. nomad47

    [Complaint] Horrible RMA of Aditya Infotech

    It all started last Christmas, when I went on a two days vacation and came back to find my PC was not booting up. After troubleshooting I found out my Sapphire R9 290 Tri X OC has died on me and I was left with no choice other than RMA. I shipped my card to Jaipur Branch of Aditya Infotech and...
  10. T

    Please rate my system

    I ordered my pc the specs r as follow My budget was rs 55k around and i wanted best gpu available. So i had to make compromise my cpu 1.cpu amd fx 6300 2.psu antec vp 650p 3.ram 4 into 2 zion ddr3 4.motherbiard gigabyte 5 gpu sapphire nitro r9 390 I bought all articles offline from...
  11. baiju

    [Query] Kingston RMA Cochin

    Does anyone know the service center of Kingston in Cochin? My Kingston data traveler pen drive is not working. As per the Kingston official website, Accel Frontline is the service provider at Kochi, but the phone number provided is not functional. I also tried the Call Center number of Kingston...
  12. S

    [Query] Who handles Powecolor GPU RMA in Delhi/India?

    My Powercolor HD 7750 died last night. Looking to get it repaired/replaced as it is in warranty. If any one has any information regarding powercolor rma in Delhi/India please let me know. Thanks
  13. S

    [Complaint] Tag(Technology and Gadget) Mumbai horrible RMA for XFX

    My XFX r9 280x was given for RMA after it stopped working. After almost 2 months of waiting they told me they cant replace or repair it, instead they gave me a 7950 which obviously is a downgrade from r9 280x. I'd suggest everyone to think twice before buying a XFX product because the RMA is...
  14. Faun

    [Views] Corsair VX550 RMA Chronicle

    Log of all communications for the RMA process. [26/09/2015] Started by creating Ticket on *corsair.secure.force.com on Received this response: Ideally I would avoid Indian center but shipping costs are prohibitive based on the weight of the PSU. I will just send a missive to...
  15. Revolution

    [Complaint] Again Bad RMA Service Of Kaizen Infoserve Kolkata( for Corsair CX430 V2)

    Kaizen Kolkata did it again. I submitted my old CX430 V2 PSU on past 28th August 2015. Two weeks ago when I called at Kolkata office they said replacement at transit. Now,today when I visited Kaizen Kolkata office to check RMA status that same arrogant guy(harassed me last time regarding RMA...
  16. T

    Dell s2216h vs benq vz2250h

    I am confused between this 2 monitors. I have following questions.. 1) which rma service is good? 2)dell s2216h have speaker or not? 3)benq vz2250h have speaker or not?
  17. Shah

    New Western Digital Green HDD dead??

    I had bought a WD Green 1 TB on June, 2015. It working well until this morning. When I was copying some files from my external HDD to this one (connected as my secondary HDD), I received some "I/O device error" and the copying failed. I did a restart and things got worse. The HDD partitions...
  18. A

    [Query] Service/RMA Centers of Intel in Delhi?

    I am thinking to purchase an i7 4790k processor from Snapdeal. But I don't know any service centres or anything where I will have to go in case of RMA or any issues. Can anybody tell?
  19. Allu Azad

    [Complaint] Zotac RMA

    Company name: Zotac Product (be exact): GT 240 1GB ddr5 Name of the distributor/service provider/dealer and location: Bought through Flipkart Location: Kerala Date of purchase: 23/04/2012 Description of problems faced and the incident: Created RMA request on 08/06/2015. The...
  20. dashing.sujay

    [Query] WD HDD pick up: How to pack ?

    I just created a RMA ticket and my pick up is scheduled for day after. It says to pack it in a plastic box. Now from where the hell shall I bring such box ? The original ext HDD box is no where to be found. So what are my options guys ? And how strict any company or WD in particular is about...
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