[Praise] Sandisk RMA : MicroSD Card | Online Request + Lamington Road,Mumbai


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[MENTION=70577]arsenalfan001[/MENTION] posted f/b for Sandisk coincidentally while I came across my old microSD card.

I noticed that it was inaccessible and filed for an RMA at Support Login
It took about 2-3 days of email exchange (i had to send pictures and details about my purchase) due to a little delay from my side.
The rep (Harmanpreet) was very helpful and called me up to confirm my RMA details,sent me details to the nearest service centre.
I also got an email and an SMS with all the required details.

Mumbai - Lamington Road Service Center Address :
Digicomp Complete Solutions Limited,
Simlim Building, 2nd Floor, Room no 209,210,211
Opp. Titan Show Room, Lamington Road,
Grant Road (E), Mumbai - 400004

Service Center Experience :
Went it,signed and entered my details,sat for 10-15mins,then went the person at the counter.
Gave him the RMA number,e-work started,got a replacement in about 10 mins(sealed-pack :D )
Signed again confirming the RMA.
Went ahead for another RMA :p

Will probably go for Sandisk more often in the future instead of Transcend.
Currently have about 4 Sandisk products and this was my first RMA experience with them.
RECOMMENDED by Phenomenal for 2015
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