[Praise] Sandisk RMA: Micro SD 32 GB Ultra


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The Sandisk 32 GB micro sd ultra card was purchased from Infibeam on 9th Septerber 2012.
On 7th June, my mobile (Sony Xperia Z1 Compact running Kitkat 4.4) stopped detecting the card. After checking the card with couple of other mobiles, I raised a RMA request on their website.

Within a day I got an email from Sandisk support asking for
1. Model of device where this card is used
2. Approx date of purchase
3. if there is any physical damage or not

Once I provide them with all information along with proof of purchase and pictures of the card with serial #, I got the RMA # from Sandisk support on 9th June.
With the RMA #, I went to Digicomp Solutions Ltd - Kolkata (I am from Kolkata) on 12th June and got the same card in sealed retail packaging with 10 minutes.


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Can u provide the exact address of Digicom Solution?

And how to raise RMA request for sandisk memory card?


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[MENTION=70577]arsenalfan001[/MENTION] : Thanks for sharing bhai!
My RMA got approved in about 2 days after i sent all the details.
They also kept me updated quite well and gave me all the details.
Looking forward to a quick replacement when i visit the service centre :)


Sandisk have preety good customer service. I dealed with them once when my sandisk sd card failed after 2.5yrs of use. They replaced it without a hitch. Since then I always buy sandisk products whenever poasible.
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