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  • I am working out of Ecospace now. Hectic few weeks till end of Sept. Lets plan something after that.
    Sony Centers have started taking bookings for Xperia Z. Booking amount betweek 500-10k. Phone price 36k. You will get it around Feb 26.
    Yup, you can take my word for it :)

    MRP will be less than 40k, street price would be about 36-37k depending on how much you can bargain.
    Last game played was dishonored.
    Didnt have any of the newer games, thanks to the 9600gt.
    Looking for some new games now. Dnloading takes too much time, so looking for alternatives :razz:
    You mean the 850 core clk ? I forgot to press the EZ OC boost button before the gpuz validation. Was busy OCing the cpu, so forgot about that part :razz:
    Should be here by March first week. Z will cost 36k, ZL will launch in April end at a price of around 34.5-35k
    WELL...doing law final yr..managing the firm with dad..and this...and running the site which must no be named...
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