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CPU will not power on with GPU connected


Right off the assembly line
So I was just browsing when suddenly my PC shut down for no reason whatsoever. I tried to restart and it won't boot, the cpu light will just flicker for a moment and nothing. So I followed the golden rule of removing a part one at a time to isolate the problem and I found that removing the GPU lets me boot up fine. That is how I am typing this right now.
My system specifications are:
Processor: AMD Athlon II X2 245 Motherboard: ASUS M4A78-L ME
Graphics Card: Sapphire HD 6670
PSU: Iball LPS233-400
RAM : 4GB ddr3
My brother suspects that the card has been short circuited. If that is true, then is there any home-remedy to fix it? I just got back the card from RMA a month ago and the warranty period has expired so no more RMA for me.
Will baking it have a chance to fix it?
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