1. Vyom

    Need Router: Internet USB Dongle Support. Budget: 2 - 2.5k

    Hi friends. <Story/> So in an attempt to find myself the best broadband, I have decided to try every conceivable options available in the market. First I had MTNL landline broadband connection. Broadband kya gh*nta.. it used to remain down for hours if not days on a bad day. Then I...
  2. A

    Toshiba Hard Disk Internal

    Hello I have always been a WD lover but i am going to buy a HDD soon..I want to buy a Toshiba HDD but have never used toshiba. Does anyone has experienced it?How are toshiba drives?And there RMA i searched is managed by Rashi...How is RMA of TOSHIBA??
  3. S

    General Query Does buying online affect warranty?

    Hey all!! I am going to buy the Sapphire HD7770 and the Antec Vp450p from flipkart. However my friend said that if you buy from flipkart then you do not get warranty. Is this true?? What about snapdeal?? If you do go for warranty, how will you go about it?? Who handles Sapphire's RMA...
  4. coderunknown

    [Praise] Western Digital internal hard drive RMA

    2010: Purchased new HDD from SMC. Sent me Green instead of Blue. 2011: Drive failed. RMA and was sent a 1TB Black. 2013-14: Drive died again. RMA and was sent a 1TB Black (rectified) which too died shortly. RMA'd and was sent a 2TB Black (rectified). PS: paid ~2150 for the...
  5. T

    [Query] Transcend Usb Hard Disk 1tb

    I have 18 months old Transcend storejet usb 3.0 1tb external hdd . Which is not working from 1 week .. it always asks for format but when I attempt to format it it says windows is unable to format it Didn't found any info on transcend website about Rma.. Please can anyone tell me where to...
  6. blackedition91

    [Query] G Skill India warranty duration?

    Hey guys, I had bought my RAM sticks back in June 2010 online from SMC International - Delhi. They have started throwing up a lot of errors. So, I'd like to RMA them. Back then, the sales guy had told me that the warranty for GSkill in India is 5 years(I am not able to find that...
  7. avichandana20000

    [Praise] Wd - the leader in rma world

    My MY PASSPORT was not detected in USB 3.0 PORTS randomly. Followed the RMA procedure and the courier picked up the faulty HDD ON 15/01/2014. Same day night a mail has come that a new HDD has already been dispatched from Bangalore and i received it on 17/01/2014 I was taken a back. Even...
  8. Rajat Giri

    Help me to choose an external HDD

    Hey friends I want to buy 1 TB external hard disk So please suggest me good hdd on basis of RMA Services and price. I do not want to buy locally as prices are more than online retailers.
  9. sam9953

    Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB (Sealed, RMA'd)

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB , Black Color : Backup Plus: Sleek & Stylish Portable & External Storage Hard Drives | Seagate Expected Price: Rs sold Source and Time of Purchase: Got it as RMA when Seagate Free agent go was replaced, on 7th...
  10. dharmil007

    HGST Touro Mobile or WD My Passport 1TB

    Hey guyz i want to buy a new 1TB HDD, but i am confused between WD MY PASSPORT 1TB OR HGST TOURO MOBILE 1TB Both the HDDS have good ratings & Similar Price. I already know that WD RMA Service is the best. But i dont know the RMA of HGST. Has anyone experienced Their RMA ? Is...
  11. powerhoney

    Query regarding RMA of Seagate External HDD

    Hey guys, My erstwhile Seagate Freeagent Go 500 GB which I bought a couple of years ago finally decided to go kaput... Now, all it does is blink... The LEDs blink continuously buy the HDD is not detected by the computer... Sometimes, the disk starts spinning for two to three seconds but then...
  12. powerhoney

    [Query] Seagate Freeagent Go 500 GB RMA procedure

    Hey guys, My erstwhile Seagate Freeagent Go 500 GB bought a couple of years back started malfunctioning... All it does if I connect it is blink... Now, the LEDs blinking suggest an error according to the Freeagent GO manual... I tried connecting it to some other PCs too but to no avail...
  13. utkarsh73

    [Praise] Western Digital External Hard Disk RMA quite a bumpy ride but nice ending!!

    My 1 TB WD My Passport Essentials SE got bad sectors after a year of purchase so I created an RMA online and pickup was arranged by WD for 4th july. After the hard drive reached their service center, there was no response from them for 10 days, so I called them and they reported they currently...
  14. V

    gigabyte ga h61m ds2 motherboard issue

    i've purchsd this mobo frm flipkart some 45 days back,now it is giving me trouble like smtimes it'll display on screen & whn i turn it off thn next day no display at all.thn again by luck it'll show display & if i run any game like crysis or metro last light it'll run without any prblm for as...
  15. mukherjee

    [Praise] Nice experience with ASUS motherboard RMA

    Hi friends!!! Now I had this strange problem with my config...pc failing to boot with lit cpu/vga/boot device/ram leds and such...can find many such stories with this mobo online... So it hit me sometime in late July 13. Got my PSU and RAM rma ed first...As usual corsair esque response with...
  16. N

    Question about RMA

    My PSU is dead and i am going to RMA it. Do they provide any receipt once we hand over the component to them ?
  17. M

    [Query] ASUS GTX 580 DirectCu II Dead No POST, Signal keeps cutiing off etc.. RMA?

    I have a ASUS gtx 580 DirectCU II which I purchased in march 2011 along with my new system. Config: Asus Maximus IV Extreme, 2600k, 8GB Corsair vengeance, Corsair HX 850, Samsung 840 pro 256 GB... Problem is sometimes the display keeps cutting off after boot in windows, and sometimes...
  18. shreymittal

    SoundMagic gone kaput AGAIN..!!! :O

    SoundMagic E10 gone kaput AGAIN..!!! :O Guys..this happened again my SoundMagic E10 right side ones volume is low as compared to left one.I haven't use them roughly. Going to RMA them again. Can anyone here tell me hows the build quality of SoundMagic MP21 or E30..Help me
  19. B

    [Query] Asus mobo RMA

    Hi, I submitted my Asus motherboard for RMA last week, I need to know in RMA do they replace the mobo or repair it as they told me today that they are waiting for components. Also plz let me know about experience at digicomp, lamington road.
  20. SaiyanGoku

    [Query] Toshiba HDD RMA

    My toshiba canvio basics 500 GB ext. HDD gets disconnected randomly. sometimes, windows reports the drive is damaged or not recognised. Should i give it for RMA. It still has more than 1 year 4 months warranty left.
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