1. K

    HELP with Corsair RMA!!! PLZZ!!

    I brought a Corsair Flash Voyager GT 16GB from SMC International, Nehru Place some 15 days ago. When i unpacked it and opened the cap, the USB head came out with the cap itself stuck inside it, i.e., it was broken from its body. (Probably a manufacturing defect). So, I went back to SMC...
  2. L

    Urgent: MSI VS Zotac GTX 580

    I have a choice between these two cards, ie MSI and Zotac GTX 580. MSI is offering a 3 year warranty compared to 3+2 year warranty offered by Zotac (upon registration within 14 days). I wanted to know the general feedback of these 2 brands and their rma service post purchase from the tdf...
  3. V

    Anyone know the website to check RMA status of a Toshiba hard disk?

    Anyone know the website to check RMA status of a Toshiba hard disk in India?
  4. The Sorcerer

    Discussion: The Rashi RMA experience thread

    There are times on Indian tech forums that people from Asus, Gigabyte, Zotac, MSI, etc. visit forums to keep a track on the records. Everytime Rashi was questioned, Rashi's head decides to ignore it, claiming that its an isolated incident an its only a small population that is going through such...
  5. topgear

    [Complaint] Rashi Peripheral Cheating with XFX Graphic Card Warranty - ReSolved

    This time it's all about XFX Graphic Card and their Distributor Rashi peripherals ( Kolkata Branch ). Rashi Peripherals Pvt.Ltd. 19, R.N. Mukherjee Road, Eastern Building, Ground Floor, Kolkata-700 001. Tel No.:+91 - (033) 40011604/5/6 Fax No.:40011608 Rashi peripherals is offering 3...
  6. ico

    The RMA Experience Thread

    Share your RMA experiences with different companies here so that we can have a good idea about each and every company's service.
  7. Revolution

    Palit RMA !

    Do I need original purchase bill for Palit RMA ? My brother's 5 months old Palit 9600GT fckedup yesterday. No display at all. Even I have checked with my PC. Everything is working fine of my brother's PC and mine too. This fcking Palit card was a headache from the beginning..... :mad: But the...
  8. furious_gamer

    Problem with HD4670. Corrupted Display

    Hi friends, I had RMA'd my MSI HD4670 and they gave me the replacement. I picked it up to my home and plug it in. It works fine and i played some Games. But the next day, when i try to boot up, it give me the same problem that i faced with my previous card(damaged one). Also when i...
  9. furious_gamer

    My broken HD4670

    Hey guys, My MSI HD4670 went broken a long back and since i don't have enough time to play games, i simply forgot to RMA it. But now got some time to RMA it, i decided to give it a try as it's still in warranty. After i gave it to them, they said they will analyze the problem and call me...
  10. A

    Rashi peripherals suxx :x

    I had a xfx 8800GT alpha dog edition which was having overheating problem!. Rashi replaced it wid 88GT alpha dog extreme (OC editon) which made me happy , but later i realised that the replaced card was also faulty...the VRAM was corrupt. I again took it to rashi for RMA and within a week...
  11. E

    Need help with Gigabyte Rma

    I would like to know if gigabyte has Rma in india , my mobo was sent to the vendor and it was returned without repairing , this time i want to do it directly rather than wasting time . any one having infos reguarding this please reply with the appropriate nos to contact Please help Thanks
  12. M

    How to pack Hard disk for RMA ?

    I had applied for RMA for my damaged Seagate hard drive.I have lost the original packaging.How to ship the hard disk for RMA.Where can I get the materials to ship it? The only thing left with me is the anti-static cover that comes with the hard disk.Your suggestions please,fellow...
  13. R

    Trimming Down the Budget for my Config!

    Hello all. 1st Jan 09. My New Rig is to ordered then. :) Calling all Champs to suggest suitable components/Modifications for my Machine. Also, Max Budget is 65k, but my own estimates put this machine at 73k. Plz suggest suitable modifications for trimming down the Budget to 65k. Components...
  14. bbalegere

    What is RMA service?

    This is related to this thread *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=93361 and this thread *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=93395 I have been advised by ASUS Support to ask my dealer for RMA service of my Motherboard. Can anybody please explain that?
  15. ionicsachin

    What is meaning of RMA?

    what is meaning of hardware RMA.. .is it functional in india
  16. R

    FS : Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR2 800 (2 X 1GB) kit

    As the title suggests....a Dual Channel kit (2 X 1GB) of Crucial Ballistix Tracer (with LED lights depending upon RAM activity) is on sale. Bought in Dec 07 from US. Lying unused almost . Only tested for a day or two. It was able to run at 1000 Mhz (4-4-4-12 ) at arnd 2.25V..... 1200 Mhz...
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