1. gurujee

    Weird Internet Disconnection Problem. Pls help

    I have a serious issue with my modem/router/internet connection. I have a BSNL broadband and TpLink modem+router. From a month I am observing frequent internet disconnection. First I thought it may be some BSNL problem of my area, but now I think the problem is mine – either my modem+router or...
  2. curioustechy

    flickering monitor

    when I start my pc some times, though the system boots up & runs normally, screen flickers heavily forcing me to shut it down or restart it. when it is revved up again it works normally... it's like this for the past one month... what's going wrong
  3. chandan3

    Max payene 3

    Hi i hv installed the game max payne 3 .bt when the instalation finished a blue screen appear on my laptop and some error shows.i restart my laptop.after restart a window message shows "problem signature" problem event name -blue screen os version-6.1.7600. locate id-1033...
  4. D

    PC won't boot up...No Display etc. etc.

    So today while working on my PC, it suddenly turned off with a BSOD. Error code:- 0x0000001E. When I restarted my PC, it switched on but restarted instantly & then switched on again, only to start a restart cycle. After another two restarts, the PC booted but once past the BIOS Post screen...
  5. khmadhu

    PC keeps restarting while playing game(crysis3)

    I got a problem running crysis 3 in win 7. it keeps restarting(randomly) while playing. I updated the game with ver 1.1 fix, still problem is there so I doubt about heating can i monitor the temp of my GPU...? is it the problem of my GPU or PSU? my sys conf is in my sig.
  6. Harsh Pranami

    Help!!! Win 8 on restart loop.

    My friend purchased dell 17r se laptop a week ago that came preinstalled with win 8. It had only one partition. So I installed mini tool partition wizard software. Then I shrinked c: partition to 300 gb. After that I made a partiton of 600gb from the unallocated space. Then I clicked apply and...
  7. rajatGod512

    dllhost.exe problem

    Can anybody please tell me what is dllhost.exe (COM Surrogate). Lately , I have noticed it is using huge amount of RAM like 5-6 GB . When I restart the problem is gone . It appears occasionally , Today It reached to 7GB RAM usage and I got a notification from windows telling me to close programs...
  8. D

    Weird Display Issue...No Idea what's causing this.

    Please check the pic. Happens quite a bit when I right click and select any of the options from the context menu. The option I selected stays on screen- on top of everything & does not go away until I restart my PC. Is this a problem of the graphic card, the monitor or anything else. Didn't even...
  9. L

    Not responding!!!!!!

    i don't know what is going wrong with my PC. it frequently freezes. while executing an application or playing a video or a song it suddenly stop functioning. mouse cursor stops responding, sometime monitor flashes and then again i have to restart my PC and then again after some time same thing...
  10. Gauravs90

    Restart various operating systems

    This website is fun to see how various operating systems from ms, apple and IBM are restarted The Restart Page - Free unlimited rebooting experience from vintage operating systems
  11. R

    PC restart problem

    I have a laptop HP Compaq v6316tu series laptop which is 5 years old. This laptop got an issue. It got restart automatically after sometime. Where the issue may be in it?
  12. Champ

    HDD controllers on MB gone BAB

    Yesterday evening My desktop HDD stopped responding, and after few restart starting giving "disk read error, press alt, ctrl del to restart" My initial thought was HDD failure, but same situation with another HDD Also All HDD are working fine in external casing. So I realised that there may...
  13. pkkumarcool

    Restarting problem-Cpu overheating or anything else?

    Are my cpu temp too high i got one automatic restart today then i checked temp.Is the temperature can be the reason for it?
  14. T

    USB ports not working

    The usb ports of my pc are not working since yesterday. Even the PC was taking years to shutdown. I tried reinstalling mobo drivers. They started working but after a restart the problems started again. I'm using win 7 ultimate x64.
  15. S

    Multiple Problems

    1st: My CPU has very high temperatures and i am adding a HD 5670 soon and don't want overheating to be a problem.Here is my configuration:- Processor:Intel Pentium D 820 2.8 GHz RAM: 1GB DDR2 Motherboard:Intel D101GGC PSU: PERX ATX POWER SUPPLY P4 -400W Processor cooling: Stock Intel cooler No...
  16. M

    (its urgent)wifi problem

    all my friends i am having hp dm4-1165dx laptop with intel core i5 m450 2.4 Ghz processor. i m using windows 7 home premium opearting system.sometimes i face problem with my wifi.Following are my problems. 1.Automatically my network adapter got disabled and to overcome from...
  17. kool

    ► Guys my WINDOWS PC is restarting with repair tools. Please help me! Its urgent ◄

    Guys its very urgent. My PC is getting restart and automatically LOADING FILES in black screen and then system repair running and then it says: "Restart if repaired successfully it will start normally" and after restart again it repairing bar. And again same thing. My PC config is Windows 7...
  18. M

    how to automatically restart explorer if it crashes

    My windows 7 explorer crashes frequently and then the system becomes very unresponsive,the mouse becomes too slow to work with until i somehow click on restart.Pls tell me how to automatically restart explorer if it crashes.
  19. quan chi

    Windows 7 crashing problem.

    I have dual boot xp and windows7 but recently windows 7 has started giving some problems. Now it crashes frequently during the first boot.After the restart it boots well.(XP shows no such problems) I have no idea whats the problem.can anyone please help.
  20. M

    [Solved] Hd 5770 hangs on OC in CoD Black Ops

    Hi i recently tried to overclock HD 5770 at full limit. Here are my spec Intel e5800@3.2ghz 4gb ddr2 800 mhz kingston 80gig HD SATA ASUS g41 COMBO. SAPPHIRE HD 5770 1gb ddr5 vram I had only option is to restart the pc. I tried setting fan to 100 percentage still not luck is that the procy is...
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