1. A

    Resulution setting for my system changes after restart !! HELP !!

    I am facing a small issue wrt display resution settings... Sapphire HD 5670 1Gb DDR5 Monitor : 17" CRT After I installed the graphics card, whenever i restart my PC, the display resolution changes to the basic resolutin 1024 X 768. Than I have to go and manually change the setting to...
  2. rahulbalmuri

    System restart problem....

    i recently bought Asus p8z68-v mobo with i5 2500k on board,..... I enabled the TPU switch...... and weird thing is happening... when i switch on my pc.... it restarts and then automatically starts... now wats this..... again its not restarting.... but this wasn't happening before enabling...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Software Trouble?

    I don know wat happened to my pc,help needed. When i turned on my pc now it wasnt starting. It is showing PWDGX Compressed, press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart. please help as i have an imp project to do
  4. A

    Compaq presario cq40-425tu

    hello, I am using Compaq presario cq40-425tu notebook which was came in 2009 I am having a issue that i am having windows xp sp3 full but when installing it gives an error and a blue screen appears and attempt to restart automatically i have used many xp cds but none of them works?? PLease help...
  5. papa

    Display Garbled

    Hi..everybody out there. Recently I am facing a queer situation.The display...especially the letters and fonts become garbled with lot of black dots and lines suddenly.Even the desktop icon breaks into half and are inverted.This generally happens when browsing.There is no other way but to...
  6. Anish

    shutdown problem!

    Hi friends, My laptop dosent shutdown:-( I am using windows 7 and when i press shutdown or restart, it dosent work!! but hibernate only works.. thanks..
  7. D

    USB ports stop working after PC restarts.

    this is one of the strangest problems i've encountered.i have 8 USB ports at the back.all of them were working properly 2 days ago.then i had to restart my PC because of a software installation, but the PC hung midway during the restart so i had to hard restart it.this time the PC booted fine...
  8. J

    PC Boot automaticaly, after Put on Standby AND After Switching On UPS, PC Boot Itself

    Hello, (1) When I Switch ON UPS, then PC Restart (Boot) automatically. (2) When I put PC to Standby Mode, even then then it Restart (Boot) automatically. What is the problem
  9. M

    Error Code Win XP :1706

    I get message that"Please wait while windows got scanner copy" since last 2-3 month after virus cleaning. i have to cancel it manually each time when i restart my PC.. how to fix it..? I have enclosed its Snapshot attachment.. Pls. help..
  10. D

    Tally 9 Exsisting inbetween

    hi eveybody i had installed Tally 9 S/w i mean copy pasted folder from my friends pc its works ok but inbetween it gives following error "Exsisiting Tally Internal Error Contact Peutronics: Out of Name Space()" So Again i have to restart and do the work and the same error keeps up...
  11. r4gs

    Auto logon and restart

    For various reasons, I need to have my Pc restart at specific times at night and automatically log on to the internet. I'm able to get the pc to restart by setting a task in the task manager using "shutdown.exe -r -t 00" but it I need a better way of doing it. Is there any software which...
  12. sachinkallely

    Problem with my computer

    My system configuration is AMD Phenom X2 BE Asus M2A74-AM motherboard 2 GB ram Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT graphics card Samsung HD-80 gb Samsung Sync master 793s monitor My system seem to get automatically restart at times. At first i thought it might be a virus attack. So i formatted my...
  13. A

    VERY URGENT.System infected with umdmgr.exe.PLEASE HELP!!!

    My XP(SP2)has been infected with umdmgr.exe.Windows 7 is fine. XP hangs within seconds after logging in and around 300 processes start in the background...I have to force restart the system then. I'm writing this post from Windows 7. Please suggest a solution immediately guys...plzzz
  14. V

    wierd mouse problem

    I dont where to put this question so i am putting it here some time when i boot my system (windows xp sp2 professional) my mouse just freezes and then i have to restart the system then it starts working normally . Ihave change the mouse but problem is keep happening . thanx
  15. Rockstar11


    Hello :( I have Kaspersky Antivirus 2009 up to date, and it doesn’t want to remove the virus “Rootkit.Win32.TDSS.d” it detects (it says it needs to reboot, but nothing is being removed when I restart the computer) Need help to remove this.
  16. H


    Hi I have a compaq Presario V3000 laptop using Vista home. I face a problem with my Pointer (Synaptics touch pad), That once the computer is not in use for some time and goes to sleep, on waking up the pointer disappears and I have to restart the system to get it back. This happens even if I...
  17. anish_sha

    Dataone Night UL : How to restart my wifi modem automatically?

    Hi guys , im using winvista, pls help me to create a bat file or something else such tht i can restart my modem at 2 AM and use for downloading..
  18. mikael_schiffer

    DataOne hangs,while Modem's Link Indicator still ON

    I just reformated and re installed windows xp sp2 I setup my DataOne broadband and it was running smooth. But i keep getting disconnected time after time, something that never happened before the reformat. Now that could be DataOne problem. My main problem is that when i GET DISCONNECTED...
  19. quan chi

    strange system standby problem.please help

    hi guys. well from few days i am experiencing these problems. 1.sometimes when i restart the system through just goes to kinda 'stand by mode'.i mean even if i move the mouse or press any button it does not show any response and remain in that condition only until i restart by...
  20. D

    router restart at 2:00 am

    Do anyone know how to automatically restart a router at 2:00 am
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