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  • "I have downloaded all in 720p, if you want I can give those to you ."

    Yes, please.. How will you send them to me?
    You know more such songs? I don't like most songs which are loud, except punjabis :p
    As I searched at google for the review of A520 and it hit a pic you own F&D A-520 speaker system, Is their really 2 driver in each sattelite speaker ? Is it visible from naked eyes ? Are they 1 mid-ranger, 1 tweeter or 2 mid ranger in each satellite ? I didn't find any review / youtube video.

    From your picture I didn't get any provision about 3.5" connector....all I see RCA Red/White channel.

    Can you quote the exact weight of this product ? including everything. Is it manageable to carry by a single person.
    Well known computers quoted 12.5k for i5 2500k. They keep only intel mobos. They keep gfx crds also but only the cheaper ones. Expensive ones can be ordered.
    BTW, can you PM me your mobile number. Need some gfx card related advice.
    They said that i7 2600k is not available in UP. I asked them the price of 2500k also but there was too much noise in the background so I wasn't able to hear them clearly. The price was either 17,500 or 13,500. I was surprised to hear the price. I will inquire the price from well known computers also.
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