1. Orionz

    Problem In N-gage QD Help!!!!!!! Plz help me!

    Hello Freinds I am using N-gage From 3 months it is working fine. But last night when i was going to send files through bluetooth my phone is showing the massage...(Not enough mem to perform the opration). Then I go to settings and choose the restore factory ask me to restart my...
  2. blackpearl

    Create your own BSOD!!!

    As puzzling as it may sound, it can be quite useful to create your own Blue Screen Of Death in Windows XP. From troubleshooting your Startup And Recovery settings to demonstrating to end users what to do if they encounter a BSOD, this tip will come in handy. While it may seem odd to think...
  3. R

    Hanging problem with optical drive

    almost every time my pc hangs after putting a cd in my drive. so i often have to restart my is most common with autoplaying cd's. -------------------------------------------------------- p4,intel 915,sony cd drive and asus cd-rw.
  4. dheeraj_kumar

    Automatic Updates Help

    When you install automatic updates, windows asks to restart the comp about every 5 mins or so, right? is there any way to disable that and restart later? because, just now, i was chatting with my friend, typed a message and just when i was about to press enter the "plz restart" window popped...
  5. S

    registry cannot change

    whenever i run regedit or try to uninstall norton etc it give error registry cannot change and window restart please help
  6. M

    Firefox connection error,,,,,

    hi I am facing connection problem with firefox which is as follows,,,,,, after every restart of firefox ,,,it automatically getting manual proxy settings,,,, so that pages are not loading,,,, pl check this image,,,,,, * then...
  7. nil_3

    BSNL disconnection

    My BSNL DataOne connection sometimes(2-3 days in a week) gets disconnected. I used to start my downloading at 2.00AM and go to sleep. But at morning I see that the line gets disconnected a long ago(only power LED is glowing but ADSL and Ethernet LED is off) and obviously stopped downloading. A...
  8. L

    How to get rid of systemfile checker???

    I have winxp and one time i have started a system file checker to scan my file's and suddenly i have cancelled it..And know when ever i restart my pc it come's again and how to stop it....
  9. Mohnishgs

    Tweak gurus please help

    I have heard that one can do many things with batch files like formating a drive and executing other commands on running. Please tell me few of them. And also tell me can i create a batch file so that it edits AUTOEXEC batch file in windows ME so that it formats D drive on next windows restart...
  10. M

    why i m not unable to install any software on pc

    hi since 2 days i m facing this problem,,,,,,, whenever i have installed any software eg any game or any software from recent digit cds ,,,,,,installation happening with sucess but after one restart i m unable to see same game or same software or even movie too i dont have any...
  11. H

    Msconfig hangs and restart.

    In my friend's computer whenever I tried to use the Msconfig utility from the run command it hangs and restart the computer. The computer configuration as I remember is 40 GB HDD with 128 MB DDR running on Windows XP professional. What could be the reason and the solution? Please help.
  12. LegendKiller

    Mtnl Triband Real probs...

    My special request to fellow mtnl users like me,espc. in mumbai... 1.Is your connection gettin passive time and again...I mean your working properly on the net and all of a sudden your not able to surf the sites and al... And it your able to get the thing working again,when you restart your...
  13. Ankit Agrawal

    Problem regarding restart

    I have got P4 intel with 512 RAM kingston. On installation of new hardware like in USB or anyother take a new 3D game my computer get restart in between What should I do
  14. V

    about the antivirus

    hello freinds i am under attack from some of the virus i thinkn because my files get corrupted every restart and my programs like COREL and registry mechanic after a restart say possible virus might be corrputed i dont know what to do pls help me and also suggest me how to b safe from these...
  15. V

    some people irriate me in yahoo messanger

    when ever i am in my favourite chat room one guy there troubles me by sending some continous instant messages and this leads to hangdown of my system then i have to restart it please suggest a solution or a software to block these continous messages that leads to hanging down of my system...
  16. S


    I have a SMC USB/ADSL modem and i use BSNL Broadband. When i try to connect to internet i get a error saying that" Remote Computer did not respond" but when i restart my system , i am able to connect. please help me guys! -Sai (
  17. dreams

    Explorer Problem !!!

    Hello all.. 2 days bac i was playin Hulk the game and in the middle i got stuck.. i was forced to do a restart.. after restarting my explorer is gone.. and also my sys hangs a lot and culdnt c any windows correctly.. so wat i did was reinstalled my Video Drivers.. but in vain.. then got an...
  18. I

    Screen going Blank -need assistance

    I have an 3 monts old machine with AMD 64 bit processor 2800 512MB kingston RAM TUL Xpress Motherboard And a UPS too. from last few days i am facing a problem that my monitor goes blank with white screen or sometimes with stripes and I have to restart it with restart button .I have formatted my...
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