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  • Get SAGA II 500Watt.
    Failure rate of PSUs are very small. SO, you will be good.
    Actually its my Brother Friend a close friend of mine too he got it from ITDEPOT 3MONTHS BACK at 10500. You can get the sentry 2 at 1600 from primeabgb.
    HI macho84,

    Sorry for Delay
    Lets Start Answering your Questions
    1) Performance - It is Very Good. I oc @ 4.6 which is Stable and running well.
    2) Ram - I brought G.Skill of 1600 Hz (8Gb Kit)@ 3100/- from Lamington road Mumbai
    3) You can Overclock the Ram also but for that you need a Ram with a good Heatsing or you have to brought a new heatsink for RAM
    4) HFS creates some problem with my G.Skill Sniper but I fixed my Heatsink fan in opposite direction to solve the Problem.

    If you need to ask something more plz mail me at esudip@gmail.com
    This is the reply i get from the customer support . Actually its not that way.

    If the top of the pipes only touches the case then it will not be a problem, since the Silver Arrow has heatpipe caps on it, the case will not actually touch the heatpipes itself.
    If the heatsink touches the sidepanel u might end up with short circuit which leads to burnt mobo or proccy...
    And burnt components do not hold warranty...

    My advise : Change the cabby..

    P.S : Before going for any upgrades, change your PSU...
    its LG and i am fron chennai. its 3 year old not used more than 4 months after the initial purchase but works charmingly. let me know if you are interested . you could reach me at 9894292269 . Just give me a message prior to call for a reply if i am available .
    it has no warranty. will sell at 3500+shipping. if interested let me know.
    No its sapphire one and you can over clock it to 1400 mem/ 950 core

    Max tem i noticed 60 thats it.
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