1. B

    mail server

    HI I have build an email server with qmail and squirrelmail on linux machine. Now i want to make this server available to all of my braches through internet. What are the things require for this? (Bandwidth, static ip etc) and how much it will cost. p.e I want to do it only on ADSL...
  2. ArZuNeOs

    World’s first: Quad-port HDMI chip from Fujitsu

    Source: With the increasing number of audio-visual gadgets in our living rooms that require HDMI to be seen to best effect, Fujitsu Japan has announced a hardware solution to help keep costs down. The company’s new chip is the first in the world to handle 4...
  3. r2d2

    Cheapest cell phone

    Suggest some really cheap cell phones available in the market now (any make/model) with or w/o bill. I don't require any features other than call register (SIM or otherwise). Please give prices as well if u can.
  4. pradeepbp

    Package Manager - Does it require internet always?

    I use FC7 and not a very experienced user also. When I click on 'Add/Remove Software' (pirut?) it compains about not finding any network. I have found that this is not the case if I am connected to internet. Does pirut require a working internet connection always? Even to tell me which...
  5. R

    Confused, require your comments

    Hi I am applying for car loan (<3lac), but unable to select financer I have read review of these financers on net, each one has different problems 1. ICICI - poor service, bad reputation, high rate of interest 2. Sundaram Finance - Could not get much info 3. SBI - needs...
  6. C

    How to develop a "standalone open-ended database app"

    I want to develop a software with the following properties / functions: 1. I will design a back-end database (somewhat big) initially. 2. I need to create a front-end GUI for interactivity. It should either be a HTML page or a windows application. 3. I need to integrate the two of them in...
  7. BBThumbHealer

    Connecting PC To TV

    Hello Buddies, i wanna ask u ppl that whether can i use my TV as the monitor for my PC.... my TV is LG Flatron [ dunno the model no. ].....i m having a PCI-E Express 8600 GT in my PC..... do i require any additonal hardware like cords etc.. n plz mention its cost too ! Reply ASAP... Thnx...
  8. blackleopard92

    ps2 controller scheme reqd for various games

    well, because of some wierd gamepad bindings of my gamepad, i require certain default controller scheme for various games. (like which button is assigned to what) currently, i require gamepad controller scheme for games: tony hawk underground lara croft legend most wanted Devil may cry...
  9. littlegoku

    Windows file encryption

    Hi,I am using Windows xp's inbuilt file encryption to protect my files from other users.I'm the system admin.I have a doubt that if my Windows crashes and it require a complete re install,will I be able to access my files with new admin account?
  10. xbonez

    second life

    to play second life, approx what net speeds will i require?
  11. sabret00the

    wat are physics cards?

    wat are physics cards?How does it help?People with Dx10 based graphics cards such as 8600GT do they require these cards?
  12. caje143

    How To Save .swf Files In Ie6

    HI all, can you'll please tell me how can i save Flash files from IE6 on my computer?? do i require a third party software to save it?? thnx.. Caje
  13. sam9s

    Powersupply calculator.

    I have seen many people, wanting to know how much wattage would the PSU require specially with a gaming PC. Wanted to share with you this PSU calculator that can give you a fair bit idea as to how much you require. It also includes the latest 8800...
  14. g_goyal2000

    .Net 2.0 or 3.0

    Hi. Should I install .Net Framework Runtime v2.0 or v3.0? Is v3.0 backward compatible? I mean will it able to run applications that require v2.0?
  15. T

    remote viewing

    My uncle want a setup in which he can view his factory work form his office pc. although it require a professional work for perfection.. i m keen to knw the hardware n setup required.. as for hardware.. we require some gud cameras on higher end or web cam for lower cost barrier as far as...
  16. 7monk

    start windows from cd/dvd

    if there is any way to ro start os from cd/dvd drive?only microsofts 98se,nt,me,xp. no linux. no instalation require to strat the machine. i think its not possible.what u think???????
  17. F

    Defragging {query}

    Hello guys, I want to know if I need to back-up my drives, or files, or anyother thing before I start defragging. The total volume of data on my hard disk is less than 35 GB.How much time will it require for the process.I am using Windows XP professional Pentium 4; 2.6GHz 256 MB...
  18. Stalker

    Fear requirements help

    FEAR min requirements Will Fear work on 1.6 P4 256mb RAM 128mb geforce FX5200 Quake 4 does work smoothly at low on the above config. does FEAR require 512 ram to start up??
  19. plsoft

    Laptop for 35,000

    First of all, i know there is a separate thread for laptop realated queries. However, i want a quick reply so i'm posting it here. I've a limited budget of 30,000-35,000. Please suggest the best laptop i can get at this price. I require the laptop for basic MS Office application so i don't...
  20. True Geek

    Aata Jaata kuch nahi,lakin sapne bade bade!!!!!!!!

    Well guys,this is my story. I don't know HTML a bit. I just booked a place at zeeblo. Now my problem is that,i wanna make a website bt i dont know HTML. Can you guys help me. Is there any free software which lets us create webpages,without any hassle???Frontpage,i don't have...
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