1. hdsk.23

    Toshiba unveils 'world's first' 3D flatpanel that doesn't require glasses

    Toshiba unveils 'world's first' 3D flatpanel that doesn't require glasses Toshiba unveiled another “world’s first” gadget today at CEATEC 2010 in Tokyo, and this one is a biggie: a 3D flatpanel TV that doesn’t require any glasses to fully enjoy the picture. Intended for...
  2. S

    How to be an SMS reseller?

    Hi Guys, This is Prasan from Bangalore. My company needs to start an SMS reselling business by purchasing bulk SMS capacity from a telecom operator like AirTel, Vodafone or Tata Indicom which will be used for futher reselling. Do any of you have an idea how to go about that? What are the...
  3. R

    Buying an assembled computer for 30k

    I don't require a monitor, speaker, mouse, keyboard and hard disk as I already have all of it. Budget is 30k as mentioned in the title. I've gone through the rates and all and came up with one which I think might be the best. AMD phenom II X4 925 Biostar TA790GXE 128M 4 GB RAM...
  4. Arun the Gr8

    Help To buy a basic computer..

    I need a basic computer on which i can play Counter-strike and counter-strike source in their full glory (and play HD content - optional). I dont require a monitor or speakers. Just the cpu config below Rs 12k.. Thanks in advance..
  5. S

    Request Good Multimedia PC configuration

    I'm looking for a good Multimedia PC - Budget can go max to 70K (Hardware + Software).. ** Would prefer the case to as sleek as possible (Would like to know how difficult is it considering the below requirements). ** Would like to make it as dual-boot with Windows 7 & Linux (is Ubuntu good...
  6. ironfreak

    Ho do I connect 200 LEDs ????

    Im building a temple for upcoming festival... Want to cover it with white LEDs from all sides... I just have questions... How do I connect the LEDs ? I mean how to make connections ? SO that when switch is put ON, all will glow at a time... And of course I will require adapter.. how much volts ...
  7. Y

    pc for IT student

    help me in buying a pc for my friend who has joined information technology.his budget is around 25,000.also tell me about softwares which he may require in immediate future.thanks
  8. M

    Should i go for Nokia 5800XM or Samsung Jet S8000

    I was about to buy 5800 XM but recently came across Samsung jet on net. If we ignore the price difference. which mobile is best. i require a touch screen and ok music phone. please give me your suggestions....
  9. aytus

    Suggestion on buying a water Purifier

    Hi guys, I would like to know which is the best water purifier right now in a budget of around 10,000 . I am looking to buy one soon. and like most of my computing buys i want this to be an informed buy. As i dont have 24x7 supply of fresh water , so one with a storage will be preffered. Also...
  10. S

    Help me

    Plz prefer some RACING games for me that dosent require a graphics card
  11. N

    A Question about Multiplay-ing

    Hi, do we need to be online all the time if we want to play with other guys?? I have a slow internet connection, will I be able to play Multiplayer in games like CoD4?? Tell me briefly, as I don't know anything 'bout Multiplaying. Does internet connection require only for getting to a server, or...
  12. RCuber

    Recomend some B2C sites.

    Hi guys, I need to develop a B2C website and need some design references. could you point me to some simple B2C sites please. I would mainly require this to study the layout and design.
  13. B

    Connecting mp3 player to speakers

    Hello.I would like to know how to connect an mp3 player to a 4.1 speaker system.I own a Creative Zen and would like to connect it Creative Inspire 4.1.Is it possible?Also tell me if I'd require an amp or something. Thanks in advance.

    need info about FreeBSD.

    Hi,guys,i m downloading FreeBSD os through dis link .can u tell to me cd 1,cd2 cd3 nd cd doc is require?.mean wat is cd livfs nd is not require . and wat will i be do with dis both file "CHEKSUM.md5 & CHEKSUM.SHA256.plz help me bro
  15. RCuber

    How to install Java Apps in SE K320i

    How can I install J2ME applications on SE K320i? SE PC Suite doesnot allow me to install apps. Do I require any other 3rd party tools to do this?
  16. skippednote

    2 PC Connection

    friends need Some urgent help I have got 2 lappys so i wanna connect them to play games. I want to know what things i will require to setup the 2 lappy connection from softwares to hardware:confused::confused:.... and what is hamachis relation to it:cool: Thanx but post soon
  17. S

    Standalone IP Scanning Software

    Dear All, Can anyone please suggest me a Standalone IP Scanning Software (i.e. I need not require to install it) Thanks in advance Subroto
  18. hansraj

    Require shutdown managing software

    Guys i am in search for software which can give me the option of shutdown/restart if my pc fails to get connected to internet or loses internet connectivity (due any reason). Also any application which can trigger off my desired application (batch file for shutdown), the moment internet...
  19. A

    Help in assembling GA-MA78GM-S2H

    Hello , I am trying to assemble a PC for my son and new to this stuff. I need help. I would start with the AMD4800+ and Gigabytye GA_MA78GM-S2H and add a 250Gb harddisk and 1 or 2 Gb of memory and DVD Writer. I already have an old Pentium II ATX cabinet, Intel Motherboard with 200Watts power...
  20. jal_desai

    All my buddies, Check out my little software...

    hello ppl.... its beeen a long time to see you all guys... anyways i was a little busy wid my last sem... however i always do wats NOT in the syllabus and this is wat i made during the last few days... i made this little launcher software.... and i want u to see it.... and tell me ur...
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