1. M

    PC full config within 35k

    Want my a gaming pc within 35k including also the monitor & ups.. monitor preferred Samsung not less than 19", doesn't require sound system..Thanks
  2. quicky008

    Require an decent external HDD for Rs 4k-plz advice

    I'm planning on buying an external HDD primarily for backing up data but my budget is restricted to Rs 4000.I'm looking for a cheap but reliable HDD that will perform satisfactorily and should have a warranty of atleast 2 years or more.It'll also be great if the drive supports newer standards...
  3. S

    about latest KMPlayer

    hi i just downloaded the latest km player and it has 3D feature i want to know that can i use its stereo 3D option and the passive 3d glasses like one available with the LG cinema tv will it work or i would require a 3D monitor? i am having a normal lcd monitor and activating 3D on it, it shows...
  4. Empirial

    Smartphone Not Dependent on PC Suites!

    Hi, Guys can you suggest some Android Smartphones above 20k that doesn't require PC Suite for Software Updates/Firmware Upgrades [Only OTA] for full time Linux users? Thanks!
  5. S

    Starting Trading Business on second hand computers

    Hello friends, we are planning to start a small trading business on second hand Desktop Computers. so we require necessary suggestions to deal successfully. Our enquiries are as here under- *** 1) where we can collect Parts in most competitive rate & reliability in Kolkata (W.B.)? (Supplire...
  6. koolent

    Motherboard Buying Guide.

    Here you can give the specifications of your system and fill up this basic form and submit to get a motherboard for your needs.. Form: 1) What is your budget? Please specify the correct amount. 2) What will be the computer used for ? (Gaming/ Hardcore Gaming etc. Home OR Office use will...
  7. S

    require DVI port for Intel DG31PR

    Hi , I am planning to connect my Intel DG31PR based CPU to Sony EX4 to see my BD rips in Sony. But I dont have any DVI port at motherboard. Can some one please suggest on what makes me to configure my CPU with Sony. i guess , If i use VGA to HDMI, the clarity will not be good. I...
  8. N

    c and c++ in win 7

    hey..i need to install c and c++ in win 7... wat are the softwares that i shall require?? or does it get installed directly?:sad:
  9. B

    Can 3D PC monitors be used for TV viewing?

    Can 3D PC monitors be used for TV viewing purpose without using a TV tuner card. Models like LG D2342P are claiming that TV can be viewed directly by connecting it to a set top box. However these would require a RCA video connector which the model doesnt have. Or will I require a RCA to...
  10. dashang

    need help about Doing M.S in U.S

    i m in final year of Degree in IT and i am thinking to do M.S in Computer Science in U.S. So, will it be good to study M.S. from U.S ? And i m from Middle class and i have heard that it would require 20 lakhs minimum (all expenses). Will it be recovered after Doing M.S. from U.S.? And...
  11. A

    error: windows shut down

    sometimes, windows of my pc automatically shuts down .... i have attached an image to show what happens after that... what should i do to prevent this from happening? if u require any other info/config of my pc please tell. :???:
  12. W

    Require Broadband in Jammu

    Hi, I require a broadband connection in Jammu. A 512kbps or 1Mbps line will do. Unlimited usage. Wired or Wireless doesn't matter. Please suggest best plan. Will surf the net and do light downloading. People who live in Jammu or have information of ISPs in Jammu please reply with Name and...
  13. S

    Regarding laptop under 43k

    Hi Team, I require your opinion regarding a laptop under 43k with 2nd generation processors. My requirements are web browsing, movies, MS office, software development with Oracle apps and casual gaming. I require battery backup of 3-4 hours. I have short listed two laptops Lenovo Z570...
  14. C

    Wanna buy gfx nvidia 9800 gt or radeon 5xxx series card

    Require lower/mid range card.
  15. L

    HDD to external drive

    Hi, I have a 2 year old 160GB SATA Seagate 7200.10 HDD.I got a 500GB when i upgraded my PC to go along with it but now i'm thinking of using it as a external drive. What would i need to do this? If i need a casing is there one which would not require external power? Thanks
  16. R

    Hows HP G42-478TX?

    pLEASE RATE THE LAPTOP FOR A BUDGET CONSUMER WHO IS MORE ON PORTABLITY AND STUDIES ENGINEERING(so will require designing and other programming features)?
  17. Kishal

    how to convert 2d image ro 3d anaglyph

    I've got a freakin comp. project at school about 3d stuff. i need to make some 3d anaglyphs(the red and blue stuff). i read some tutorials fr photoshop, but they require two images. however, i've been provided with a single image only. I tried using conversion stuff such as T3D...
  18. P

    PC buying from Lamington

    I am planning to visit Lamington tomorrow - saturday I have some work in afternoon at office so I will come back from there. Currently I have a P4 1 GB RAM, but recently I have shifted to mobile development which require better compile time response and running heavy editors. Windows 7 is a must...
  19. S

    MFD priced less than 5000

    Hi I am looking for an MFD priced less than 5000 rs. (although if the mfd is preety good, i can add a few more bucks) the printer should support separate (individual) colour cartridges. it should be possible to reset/refill the cartridges. I ll possibly be taking a lot of black printouts (so...
  20. V

    Help for new pc

    I want to buy a new pc this diwali and am looking at budget of around Rs 50000. i want an intel i5 cpu prefer the 750 2.66ghz one and 4 gb ddr3 ram and the GTX460 graphic card. also the monitor should be samsung full hd. Please can someone provide me a config with the above in it. would require...
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