1. R

    portable operating system with our own programmes in a cd

    I want to know whether it is possible to install the operating system on cd and other programmes which I require and take this CD wherever I want to work and use. :?:
  2. mediator

    Setting up ftp,telnet,ssh server on linux??

    I tried to setup ssh and ftp server but it said "connection closed by foriegn host"! Please tell me in detail how to setup the servers that require username and password! Thanx in advance!
  3. C

    Free web host

    Is there any free web host which (1)Supports MySQL and PHP (2)Doesn't require me to post anything in their forums (3)Doesn't display ads or pop-ups I have an account at that do?I want to host my Wordpress blog.I like frihost but they require me to stay active in their forums.
  4. S

    Cheapest Laptop solution

    Hi I am a student and i require a laptop to better assist me in my studies. but those available in market are costly and have far more features than i require. I need a laptop with small memory, a black and white screen will also do. Network compatibility is a must. can u please tell me any...
  5. jamesbond007

    Connect Laptop

    I have Sony Vaio VGN-FS38GP Lapktop, talking about its features its just the best laptop around. I say this coz I asked for the Sony Vaio lappy that Digit reviewed in the month on October instead my brother bought the latest in Viao Series. Now this is the first time that I've put my hands on a...
  6. C

    Automatically stop services

    Is there any software by which i can automatically stop any services i don't require
  7. N

    Mobile Content In diGit

    Hi everyone. I think there are plenty of the sites for downloading mobile content. But then, when digit will our technology navigator for mobile? They should provide with the latest softwares, wallpapers, tones, etc. on their cds. It won't require them to do lots of arrangements for space...
  8. doom_marine

    Hardware Virtualisation

    I am planning to do a seminar on the topic Hardware Virtualisation, it would be nice if some people could point out the link i require plsss...
  9. the_moon

    Free Web Hosting!

    Is there a legal site that provides free webhosting with PHP and Mysql support, by providing a subdomain? I require a webspace of 20 MB or more. I tried Tripod but in vein! Please suggest!
  10. K

    WiFI network anyone ???

    Well I am planning to build a WIFI network in my home . So does anyone have any information about -- 1. The hardware it might require 2. The cost 3. Any good sites ? 4. ANy other technologies to build a wireless home network ?
  11. A

    directx 9c problemo!!!!

    hey every1! actually i m facing this problem tat i m not able to install directx9.0c.when i install it actually the message comes components installed and ready to use but when i try to run games like battlefield2 and source and 3d max7 they say u require directx9.0c!what shd i do now? i have...
  12. anandk

    know of any other such good STAND-ALONE themes ?

    guys, do you know of any other more good themes like : Crystal XP * DameK Ultra Blue Theme * Royale Theme for Windows XP...
  13. M

    dare run that

    i use vlc player while opening movies from digit dvd i am not hearing any sound more over some files are not running in mp10 they require codecs , but cant find them on net some one help rather every one help[/b]
  14. abhishek_sharma

    brian lara cricket 2005

    :?: has brian lara cricket 2005 been released in india. If yes what kind of graphics card would it require to play the game....
  15. T

    how do i start my own forums in my lan??

    hi ppl, in other words i want to start a web which the ppl in my lan can meet and share our views/exchange tips etc just like we do here.. What all do i require and which is the easliest way to do it?? Thanx.
  16. Charley

    Upgrade P-133mhz/New config upgrd

    I have p-133mhz. Is it possible to upgrade the syste, to a new 1. Incase no, then how much would it cost for a latest config. My budget is abt 10-15k.. Is it possible to get an assembled 1 for that budget... I'd require a system with webcam, dvd drive, bluetooth device.... Let me...
  17. G

    Require Oracle 10G & J2SE on CD to run compiere erp+crm

    Hello friends, I am a hobyist and require oracle 10G and J2SE on CD for testing and running compiere opensource ERP+CRM software
  18. P

    which GFX cards require external [poWer] ??

    I wanted 2 know which of Geforce FX cards require external [poWer] :wink: . Cud anyone plz tell me which of the following require external power: 1. Geforce FX 5200 Ultra 2. Geforce FX 5700 Non Ultra. 3. Geforce FX 5700 Ultra 4. Geforce FX 5600 5. Geforce FX 5900XT 6. Geforce 5500
  19. sachin_kothari

    Uninstall IE

    I want to uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows XP. I tried deleting the files from Program files Folder. Now i cannot open any services as they require IE. What should i do next. Does no other browsers be able to open the servies.
  20. P

    ftp on proxy..

    my college has blocked ftp sites that require username and password.. however i am able to access ftp sites that do not require username and password..also i am unable to use any ftp browser (ex. cute ftp, flashxp etc...)..wat should i do bout it??
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