1. jackal_79

    Need Help In Buying a 1 Ton Split Inverter AC

    Hi, As the title suggests i am in need of buying one above. I am totally clueless on how to go about selecting. This much i have decided: My room length is 11 * 10 * 10. So i would require a 1 Ton AC It should be an invertor A/C for reduced power consumption. I would not be buying online I...
  2. D

    Need a Disposable Android

    Need advice for a new mobile!!!! My current Requirements : A good music quality + Pdf reading + easy opening of documents + big screen of 4.5" -5" + external sd support of 32 gb , smooth operation . no gaming need + camera + or any fancy thing what I require is stability n not...
  3. K

    Advice regarding purchase of a printer

    I want to purchase a colour printer for home-use. I have a HP inkjet colour wi-fi printer-cum-scanner which we purchased some 3 years ago. However the ink dries too frequently in that and currently it is not being used. Who is going to take it to the Service Center every time it throws up...
  4. A

    png to jpeg freeware

    please suggesr freeware to convert png into jpeg format.want a downloadable version which doesnt require me o go online to convert
  5. Nerevarine

    Budget PSU

    I require a budget PSU that can handle R9 290.. Ill be purchasing at the end of this month and require feedbacks regarding this.. Im on a tight budget of Rs 5k.. Hopefully I wont need to extend .. Wont be buying new GPU until much later but the PSU needs to be able to handle a headroom of upto...
  6. P

    Far Cry 4 and Fifa15 on 32 bit system help

    hi i have downloaded the Far Cry 4 and Fifa 15 but my system is 32 bit and while running the game after install its giving error lyk it require 64 bit . is there any way to run the games in 32 bit system. Please help or suggest. thanks,
  7. abirthedevil

    SSD required for laptop

    Guys my Acer 5740G laptops HDD seems to be at the end of its life under heavy use/abuse for 5 odd years, want to replace it with an SSD 120/128/240/256 GB depending on price. Price is of prime consideration as I do not require top of the line performance. Still a mid range performer would be...
  8. Chetan1991

    Need good quality keyboard within Rs.2000.

    Hello everyone. I need the best keyboard that can be bought within 2k. I could spend more if the keyboard is really worth it. Need one that doesn't require too much force, doesn't has too much key travel, and lasts long. - - - Updated - - - :bump: bumpity :bump: :bump: :bump:
  9. D

    Suggestons needed for finalising budgeted rig under 30000 for my relative

    Rig finalised by myself:- Cpu-intel core I-3 4130 Mb-Gigabyte Ga-H81M-S2PV Ram-Corsair Vengeance/G.skill Ripjawsx - 4gb (1600 mhz) Hdd-Wd caviar blue 500gb/1tb? Optical drive-Asus DRW24B3ST Monitor-Dell ST2020L or Dell E2014H which one is better? Kb & mouse- mk200 Local cabinet with...
  10. A

    uninstalling software

    while doing uninstall what does some elements could not be removed and will require manual removal mean while uninstaling any can this manual removal be done
  11. A

    defrag window 8

    how does one do i require any additional free software-if so pl suggest
  12. sdk

    Is this a good buy?

    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W710 16.1MP Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera with Camera Case @ 4.9k ??? Require it for using at home... Please suggest
  13. R

    Help: Need a new router

    Hi all, I am using a wired broadband connection (Airtel; Beetel 110BX1 ADSL2+Router<dunno what this means!>) and looking forward to set up wifi at my home (network range should be around 30 ft). Would i require a modem+router or just a wifi router? Please let me know the best options...
  14. RCuber

    Car Audio System Budget 15K MAX

    Hey guys, We are about to buy a new car (Swift or Figo) and I want to do some research on the audio gear which we need to buy for the Car. we don't listen to music maxed out so high end might not be necessary. I have understood that one required the following components for the best...
  15. R

    need help in vb 6 programming

    so there is this school project i am developing i made a mistake and started and completed all the form in vb 10. and then my teacher told me that i require to redo the project in vb6, so i was wondering if there is any way to copy all the forms from vb 10 to vb 6 as it is
  16. R

    Inverter Setup

    Hi all, I am planning to setup an inverter at home in order to run - 2 tube lights, 2 cfl lights, 2 fans, 1 PC, 1 32 inch LED tv The pc specs are in my signature. Additionally, I have an APC 1KV UPS for my pc and a 24 inch monitor. My requirement is to run the above for 2 hrs...
  17. R

    Speakers,Amplifier for My CAR

    Hello Guys I have lot of PC queries solved here,So this time I need some help regarding choosing Audio System fr My car. I have a Kenwood KDC- MP5039U System,want to buy 2 Front 2 Rear Speakers ( JBL Preferrably ).Also require a good quality Amplifier Also Can some1 guide me with links that...
  18. Y

    How to send free sms (whatsapp?)

    am a newbie. is there anyway to send free sms texts using any app in android? does whatsapp require the reciever to have installed the whatsapp application inorder to send sms to them? any other app that doesnt require anything for the reciever?
  19. S

    [Want to Buy] USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 adapter

    I need 2 usb 3.0 to Usb 2.0 adapters. Asked in the local market and they are not available. These come with Carbide 400R. They might be coming with other cabinets too. they look like this the cable I require is explained in above video
  20. Jaxx89

    Which Power Bank to buy for mobile phone???

    Looking at portable chargers/power banks for my Samsung GS3 I've shortlisted a few but am really confused as to which one would be the best to buy. Portronics Charge X Mobile power bank Portronics Powerpack 4000 Cooler master Choiix C-2021-K1 Anker Astro 5600mAh Heavy gaming/video viewing on...
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