1. Chetan1991

    Have u ever replaced ur laptop's gfx card? Pls post experience.

    Hey ppl. Has anyone ever replaced his laptop's gfx card? Actually I've bought a dell ins. 1564 a month ago. Its got an Ati Mobility radeon Hd 5450. The card's not very powerful for new games but i'm ok with it. I was just wondering could the gfx card be replaced. After wandering here n...
  2. G

    9600 gt pc doesnt start

    Hi Hi, ==================== my config m/b intell 101 ggc ram ddr1 1gb 400mhz intell p4 2.8 ghz ==================== i got a xfx 9600 gt 6 months back it started over heating in 4 months so i got it replaced this is my previous card. they have replaced it with a bulky and bigger one...
  3. P

    Problem with PSU.....

    The fan of my 200W PSU of my 5 year old HCL Ezeebee system, has stopped working.... This causes the system to get hot very rapidly. & it shuts down abruptly whenever i try to burn a dvd or run any game(though works fine for normal low power system use).... My question is that should i try and...

    Computer programmer from Finland has lost finger replaced with USB drive

    A computer programmer from Finland who lost his ring finger in a motorcycle accident has had it replaced with a USB drive. Source
  5. N

    Broken LCD... broken heart

    I bought an hp Pavillion dv6730tx laptop 10 months back. A few days back I dropped it accidentally and the LCD is broken. Can it be fixed without getting it replaced?
  6. R

    Warranty for prod. bought from ITWares

    guys..i had bought a PALIT HD4850 Sonic off ITWares last week and i am having HW issues with it and i want to get it replaced. my Q is has anyone got their products replaced that were bought from ITWares?if yes how?should i contact Rahul or Palit or Ati? tq
  7. techking_dinesh

    my pc is not starting help!! very urgent

    hello i hav a hp desktop using since 2 yrs asterope motherboard nvidia geforce 6200se 1 gb ddr2 ram my pc is not starting i called the hp guyz they replaced motherboard still same prob they replaced ram still same prob they added new gfx card still same prob they replaced psu still same prob...
  8. Ecko

    Modding Ntoskrnl.exe

    We'll I desperately need some tutorial for it I've tried replacing it several times using all the methods I can & even when The file is replaced with mine the screen doesn't show up the bootscreen intended to be there Please if someone can help...!!
  9. koshyjohn

    HP Pavilion dv9295ea "Lemon" replacement

    Its a long story but it involves a HP Pavilion dv9295ea which was purchased for around Rs.96,000 that turned out to be a real lemon. List of parts replaced so far: 1. Display Assembly (central bush missing on arrival) - includes hinges, 17" LCD, bezels, webcam and 2 microphones. This repair...
  10. Krazzy Warrior

    Banning Websites

    Hi Friends, I want to Ban a particular website in my own pc so that no one can visit that website. URL of the site:- I want to make something which will display an error just similar to this:- Instead of youtube it must be replaced with the word Demonoid...
  11. tech_cheetah

    Bought hp 2701 tx

    Yesterday I bought hp 2701tx laptop from Nehru Place for 45.3K. Unfortunately, one of the speakers is giving noisy hissing sounds while playing music. Service centers remains closed on weekends, so waiting for Monday to get it replaced or atleast repaired soon. Since this is a manufactuing...
  12. H

    RF interfernce from pc.

    Few channels on cable tv gets distorted whenever the pc is on. This happened after i replaced my 845 mobo with a new 865. What to do ?
  13. G

    30 GB ipod not responding....:(

    Hello guys, My 30 GB ipod almost 2 yrs old has stopped responding....It takes to the screen which says contact with a " :( " sign...... I tried the hardware reset... It did not help.... am not able to get the ipod into diagnostic mode nor Disk mode.... I got in...
  14. jack_the_ripper

    Canon A560 draining batteries very Quickly!!

    hi guys, I purchased a Canon A560 digital camera a few weeks back. I used the bundled "Panasonic Industrial Alkaline" batteries and took around 150 snaps with them! After getting "Change the batteries" message i promptly removed those batteries and replaced them with a new pair of "AA...
  15. gary4gar

    Yet another Seagate, Failed & replaced

    Hi digitans, I purchased a Seagate ST380817AS 80 GB SATA-I on may 05, it failed on june 06 & then replaced it with a Certified Repaired HDD. then again recently 20 days back. it failed again, this time i ensured i got a new drive Damm this Seagate:x so i got a 7200.10 SATA-II drive but i tried...
  16. slugger

    ?using single printf statement to print 2 answers?

    I am trying to print out two calculated values using a single printf statement, but am unable to do so. The part of the program where I am trying to do this looks like this printf ("The answers are %f and %f\n", floatpt1, floatpt2); where the 2 float point values have alredy been...
  17. S

    New PC Problem

    hello.. on saturday i purchased a new pc with specs as follows Intel E2140 1.6ghz Dual Core Intel DG33FB Motherboard Transcend Value Ram 667Mhz 1GB Seagate Sata HDD 160GB Circle 721 Cabinet with 400w PSU on monday the hdd started making weird noises and it stopped working.. so i got...
  18. Dishant

    how to replace digit dvd?

    hello guys, yestreday i bought this months digit from a newsstand but one of 5 dvd's is not working...i wanna know how to get it replaced by digit.pls help coz that's the one having softwares and drivers.....and i bought digit only for that....
  19. S

    motherboard needed ASAP

    i had bought a pc in 2005..... the warranty period has expired.... few dayz back it stoped starting..... then i contacted the person from whom i had bought it..... he checked n told dat d IC has being damaged n it cant b repaired locally.... there 4 d motherboard has to b get replaced 4 a...
  20. gdatuk

    HTC Touch - Buying suggestion

    I have a N70 for a little over 1 year... got very bored with it... Looking at HTC Touch.. How good is it?? Also need a mobile for Mom.. Her D500 Samsung gone very old and needs to be replaced. She need a quality mobile with decent camera and FM radio or music capabitilies not important.. can...
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