1. D

    Help with PC upgrade (using AMD+ATI atm)

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: playing mmos (specifically, path of exile). 2. What is your...
  2. jackal_79

    Optical USB Mouse Required

    Hi, Please suggest a good optical USB mouse for Office/Home use( No Gaming) in a 500/- budget. Have been using logitech for a while and have replaced several due to problem with left or right button.Please suggest. - - - Updated - - - I need something which will last at least 1 year or more...
  3. A

    LG G2 - Broken screen

    Hello Guys, I have dropped my phone , and it's screen is broken. Does anyone how much it cost? Can I get it replaced locally (not authorised service centre)? Thanks.
  4. R

    Processor upgrade in HP ab032tx?

    So, my friend has a 032tx with i5-5200u and it bottlenecks like hell. He wants to know whether the processor can be upgraded by any means. I'm sure you cant cause of bga socket in laptops, but is there any method (motherboard replacement etc) by which the cpu can be replaced? Any help...
  5. A

    [Query] Nexus 5 RMA support [Playstore purchase]

    My friend purchased nexus 5 from play store on 21st Jan 2014. After using, opening nexus 5 many times, it fell in water.. He went to LG service center for repair purpose. But they told him screen has water in it and need to be replaced. Motherboard is damaged, they will replace it with new, and...
  6. S

    [Praise] Dell Customer Support

    My desktop monitor had screen issue.Complaint registered yesterday noon.they replaced it on one morning new monitor arrived at home.excellent!
  7. U

    $1000 STEAM CREDIT + FREE Y500 i7 3630QM GT750M FHD+ 1YR WARRANTY

    EPIC GAMING BUNDLE $1000 STEAM CREDIT 1x Y500 - i7 3630QM GT750M FHD - 59371965 All original documents and charger along with charging cable. Warranty type: Manufacturer Warranty Warranty till date: 2015-06-15 Purchase date: 2013/06/19 Purchased with 2yr warranty. US import (no accidental...
  8. sam_738844

    [Query] WD My Passport Crash with Data loss

    Hello guys, Just want to know if this unit can be replaced or not, is still under warranty. its a WD My Passport 1 TB, crashed, unrecoverable, data loss of 857GB. Lucky I have backup of 500GB. What would be the procedure to get it replaced?
  9. J

    MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II fan not working

    Hello Friends, One of the fans is not working fine. It would start-stop in between. Would anyone know a shop in Pune were I could get it replaced? Thanks for the help in advance.
  10. D

    Time keeps on getting reset on old PC.(even after battery replaced)

    I have an old Intel 865 based PC that date/time keeps on resetting to 2002 ? replaced Motherboard battery and even then I see this happening. The other problem with this PC it doesn't shutdown - instead it going to complete power down it restarts.. I did a reset on bios but to no avail...
  11. sam9953

    [Query] Will I Get My Logitech MX Revolution Replaced?

    Hi guys, my father bought a Logitech MX Revolution from France for me, and after nearly 2 years of usage the mouse is next to dead, with a spoilt copper plate charger and lots of trouble with the left click. So my question is as the warranty for this product is 3 years, is the warranty...
  12. R

    Dell Laptop N5110 Keyboard issue

    Hey guys, I currently own Dell N5110 and the keyboard is acting retarded. Some keys are not working properly as of late. I wish to get it replaced.. how much would it cost and can I get a backlit keyboard for the same? (the original isn't a backlit one)
  13. mang

    Dead Motherboard - how to replace without the need to reinstalled windows 7

    I have a dead mobo which need be replaced. But i do not want reinstalled OS (win 7). How do i do that - before replacing the board there is no way to turn on the pc. It can be turn on only after mobo replaced that is my main concern. Any help will be appreciated ?
  14. R

    [Query] will laptop charger be replaced under warranty ?

    I bought a dell laptop 5 months ago.. Recently I damaged the wire/cord of my laptop battery charger (it came under a heavy thing) it's not broken but highly can it be replaced under warranty ? (rather i should ask HOW should i get it replaced? )
  15. ShankJ

    Over-Heating, the enjoyment killer!!!

    I own a hp pavilion dv4-5009tx laptop.. I have been facing overheating issues from the last one year now.. Everytime the service center people replace the fan and sink and it works fine for 1 month and then starts facing "thermal shutdowns" when i play any heavy game like Far Cry 3, BO2 etc.. i...
  16. D

    [Query] Corsair RAM policy questions (Kolkata)

    Hello. I'm a little new when it comes to dealing with defective hardware. My Corsair 4GB RAM went bad and memtest confirms with 30,000 errors just during the first 40% of the first pass. I have a few questions on the warranty: - It seems I have I to go to a service center in Robert Road from...
  17. T

    [For Sale] Dell vostro 1400 , 128mb nvidia graphics

  18. H

    SCEA and SCEJ have been dissolved today. (Not joking)

    The Japanese release Google Translated version They are being replaced by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia.
  19. Rahul Kavlekar

    CMOS batteries repeatedly going bad

    My PC components are :- SEASONIC S12 520 PSU amd sempron 145 (2nd core unclocked and overclocked to 3.2ghz) (amd athlon x2 4450e) seagate 40 gb and western digital 320 gb harddisk msi 760 gm p33 motherboard Almost a year ago my CMOS battery stopped working.So after some months I replaced...
  20. A

    Acer Travelmate 4720 BIOS Issue

    Hi All, Once I boot into my laptop's BIOS it prompts for supervisor password , unfortunately for me I no longer remember the password. When I took my laptop to service center guys they told me they can't flash the BIOS and the entire motherboard needs to be replaced. I believe even If I get it...
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