1. G

    evga gtx 670 rma in india?

    hi guys... im about to get my evga gtx 670 in 2 weeks... bought in the US... there is a lot of talk going on about the bad gtx 670 cards and they are getting replaced... my question is are there any evga service centres in india if at all my card fails?? :-(
  2. S

    [Views] Toshiba LCD TV Support

    Hi Everyone, I am a user of 40" and 22 " LCD from TOSHIBA with the following model numbers 40PB10 & 22PB10. Name of Distributor - Sargam Electronics - Model Town Location - Delhi Date of Purchase - 28 August 2011 RMA's - 111312-23(13 nov 2012), 112012-1669(20 nov 2012) & 112312-1165(23 nov...
  3. R

    motherboard query

    My 20 day old ASUS mbd date and time is not showing properly, so i take it to service centre. centre guy said that it is repairable not replaced and if it is beyond repair then it should replaced. is the service centre guy said correct or i should force them for replacement.
  4. A

    [Query] EVGA service centre in ernakulam ?

    please help i hae an evga gtx280ssc editon i need to get it replaced where is the service centre in the ernakulam help me....... thanks advanced.....
  5. T

    HP woes..

    i use a three month old hp pavillion g6-1118TX- ( core i5, 4GB DDR3,650HDD, radeon graphics, win7 ultimate).. The hard disk failed recently and had to be replaced.. almost instantaneously after the left speaker stopped working...Is this any power/board problems causing these failures...? Or are...
  6. Blue Ripazah

    sony dvd not reading cd and dvd's

    guy my sony dvd rom is giving me problems it is not reading any dvd or any thing can somebody tell me how to get it replaced it is in warranrty
  7. icebags

    Does your XBOX controller behave like this ?

    Just bought one xbox controller after hearing so many good things about it. But weirdly enough, it came with a faulty button and loose analog sticks. The shop replaced it, but the replaced one I got has same issue with analog sticks - they don't home / idle at the center point. See the video...
  8. Blue Ripazah

    [Query] Seagate RMA

    Guys my hard disk crashed second time in 7 months of its purchase .....just becoz of changing sata ports from one to another.....can somebody explain me the procedure to get it replaced
  9. dead.night7

    [Views] MSI replaced my motherboard :)

    Guys last year I purchased an MSI's AMD 790GX G65 chipset motherboard. After a year on 8th of this month my motherboard had shown me no display. I went on to MSI CERVICE CENTRE in mumbai lamington road. Replaced my board yet with new chipset MSI 890GXM G65. But when the board was handled to me...
  10. D

    how to get virtualization support in laptop

    I am having a Dell Inspiron 1440 laptop. This does not have virtualization support.I want Virtualization Technology support in this laptop. Can I get motherboard replaced what are my options? Where to email/ask/phone etc etc....
  11. J


    Hi my name is Stenly I have just recently upgraded to Zotac Gtx 560 ti Card. My previous card was Sparkle 9500 gt. My problem is whenever I play games like Bionic commando , Crysis 2 ,Just cause 2 etc at high or low Setting after few minutes or even in few seconds I get a black screen and the...
  12. D

    White cabinet?

    It may sound nonintuitive, but I want only white cabinet and I am tired searching for one. The present one has served me well since 2002, but due to my growing demands( large graphics card, extra hdd) needs to be replaced, despite its brand new looks( yes, it is white). Can anyone please suggest...
  13. S

    Why my Hard Drives are carshing ???

    I bought two Seagate Hard drives 500gb, 7200.12 last year, after only two months one one them failed, I got it replaced and after two more months the other one failed too, so i replaced that one also. Now after 7 months the first replaced hard is about to fail and is giving S.M.A.R.T...
  14. mayoorite

    APC UPS not working

    i have bought br600ci-in APC UPS in April 2010 and in the beginning it gave backup of 9-10 minutes. But after a month or two it gave 1 minute backup only.So i called up the company and they replaced it.Again same thing happens after 2 months and again they replaced. Now they have replaced it...
  15. mohityadavx

    Replace ALL

    I am using windows 7 and MS Office 2007. Now i converted a pdf file with ABBYY FINE READER 10 and it is replacing some of the mathematical symbol with that of pound and some with strange pic. I replaced all the pound symbol with required symbol. Is there any way to replace all the pic symbol...
  16. Rockstar11

    Can't log on after combofix replaced Winlogon.ex

    Can't log on after combofix replaced Winlogon.exe i run combofix (on second laptop) and it replaced the infected winlogon.exe with a good copy of the file, but now i can not log on. it says "The copy of windows must be activated with Microsoft before you can log on. Do you want to actvate...
  17. digibrush

    DH55TC don't detect 9500GT

    My 9500gt run fine on DH55TC mobo for few months untill the card failed. I have my replacement of 9500gt yeaterday and i installed it to DH55TC mobo...the mobo does not detect the card. DH55TC have auto function to detect PCIe cards which perfectly works with another gfx card, but not with...
  18. g_goyal2000

    Delhites - Where to get faulty cartridge replaced?

    Hi guys/gals, I bought an original HP color cartridge sometime back. It hasn't been used much. But today, it developed some problem by itself and is not being detected by my printer. I checked and the printer is detecting another color cartridge. So the problem is with the cartridge...
  19. V

    Htc dopod 838 pro

    Hi, i recently bought a dopod 838 pro from singapore. i am facing no problems at present but want to know a few things 1.Can the software be upgraded to windows mobile 6.x from WM5 2.If the touch screen is damaged can it be replaced? 3.What are the applications/games for this device and where...
  20. S

    Laptop keys

    some keys of my dell latitude laptop keys are not working.. plz suggest me what to do.. is it possible to repair..? or i have to get it replaced? if replaced how much it will cost.. also plz tell me how much laptop batteries will cost :cry:
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